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Biography Of Debanhi Escobar Taxi Driver


Mexican adolescent Debanhi Escobar’s body, which had been missing since April 9, 2022, was located on April 21, 2022. She had been 19 years old at the time of her death. The unexplained dissipation of Debanhi in Mexico, which occurred on April 9 and seemed to have little to no effect, is another astounding incident in that country. On Thursday, forensic investigators working for the police discovered the corpse of a woman in the facility’s storage room. Even though DNA testing was able to identify that she was indeed Debanhi, the body was located dressed in the same articles of clothing that Debanhi had been wearing on the evening that she went missing.

About of Debanhi Escobar:

On April 9, a Mexican adolescent named Debanhi Escobar, who was 19 years old, was reported missing. During the early morning hours of April 9, Debanhi was last seen in the area surrounding the Motel NeuvaCastilla. She had earlier in the evening arranged for a get-together to take place close to that location, and she and her two closest friends were there.
One of her partygoers claims that Debanhi abruptly departed the event and left in a taxi. This information comes from the friend who was with her. At some point during the celebration, she and her henchman engaged in conversation, and Debanhi immediately exited the premises. She tried to get in touch with one of her local contacts who worked for Uber but was unsuccessful because he was at the gym at the time. In addition, during that short period of apathy toward the driver, Debanhi could break free from the truck and run away down a lonely street in Neuvo Laredo.

Debanhi Escobar Height, Weight:

The height of Debanhi Escobar was five feet and six inches. Her weight was 55 kg.

Early Life of Debanhi Escobar:

After Debanhi Escobar had been absent for some days, there were certain ambiguities over the appearance of her motel. The body of Debanhi Escobar was discovered in a reservoir on a plot of land near the inn where she was last seen on April 9, 2022. Her disappearance occurred on that day. On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the police took her remains, and they were unclear whether they assumed it genuinely had a place at Debanhi. Professionals from the police department are thoroughly investigating the case, and the inn has also been inspected and examined on multiple occasions.

Finding Debanhi Escobar on Social Media Platforms Like Facebook and Instagram The nuances of the real Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as the handles used for Debanhi Escobar’s accounts, have not been released to keep an eye out for any purposeful attempts at protection made by the group of people in the issue. We pray that the withdrawn soul will find peace in eternity, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the family who is in mourning.

Career of Debanhi Escobar:

On the evening of April 8, 2022, Escobar, accompanied by two other companions, attended a party held at the Quinta Diamante estate in General Escobedo. As the night wore on, Escobar exhibited behavior that was out of character for her. She got into a fight and locked herself in the toilet reserved for men after the war. After 01:20 on April 9, her pals phoned a DiDi driver to take her home. This occurred the following day. After picking her up, security footage later revealed that she and the driver had an argument while driving. The driver later explained that he was trying to find Escobar’s home location or the phone number of a guardian. Still, Escobar became agitated and refused to offer either of these facts. Escobar then grabbed the driver. Escobar exited the vehicle at 4:25 local time in the community of Nueva Castilla, located on kilometer 15.5 of the route that connects Numancia and Nuevo Laredo.

The driver communicated with Escobar’s companion about the situation through text messages, which were accompanied by a photograph showing Escobar standing on the deserted roadway. This picture of Escobar would be the final one ever taken of him. The driver finally pulled away after waiting for a few minutes. The footage from the security cameras shows that she went to the Alcosa transportation headquarters for assistance at 4:30, but no one answered her call. In later footage, security cameras can be seen filming her as she approaches the Nueva Castilla Motel. Mario Escobar, the victim’s father, contacted the office of the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León to report his daughter’s disappearance.

Disappearance of Debanhi Escobar:

On April 22, thirteen days after his disappearance, Pablo Escobar’s decomposing body was discovered floating in the cistern’s water at the Nueva Castilla Motel. The taxi driver who snapped the chilling final snapshot of the murdered Mexican teenager, Debanhi Escobar, “tried to grope her chest,” according to a report by Debanhi Escobar.

Debanhi Escobar’s father has accused the taxi driver she hired to take her home of trying to grope her, which has changed the course of the investigation into her death. Debanhi’s body was found in the cistern of a motel in Nuevo León, Mexico.

According to the Mexican newspaper Milenio, the journalist AzucenaUresti received exclusive access to the photographs that reportedly show the driver, who has been named as Juan David Cuéllar, 47, groping toward Escobar’s chest after she entered the backseat of his car.

At approximately 4:20 a.m. on April 9, it is thought that Mr. Cuéllar picked up Escobar. After another five minutes, she got out of the car on an empty stretch of roadway and walked away. After then, the motorist took a picture of Escobar while standing on the shoulder of the road. The eerie photograph became viral during the 13-day hunt for the 18-year-old law student.

According to the inquiry’s findings, Escobar made a fruitless attempt to get assistance at 4.30 in the morning at a facility owned by the trucking company Alcosa Transports Internationals. The surveillance cameras on the premises then acquired images of her walking in the direction of the Nueva Castilla Motel. This image represents the final time she was seen alive.

Mr. Cuéllar, employed by both Uber and Didi, was the one to pick up Mr. Escobar outside those services. Mario Escobar, Escobar’s father, pointed the line of responsibility at the taxi driver, Mr. Cuéllar, during a news conference held outside the motel. Mario Escobar stated that Mr. Cuéllar threatened his daughter by trying to abuse her. He spoke to the press and said, “I openly accuse Juan David Cuéllar of all of this.”

Mario Escobar and his wife, Dolores Bazalda, have claimed that the prosecutor in the state of Nuevo León, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, is incompetent and that Escobar’s body was planted in the cistern. In addition, they claimed that the prosecutor’s office made sure that “there was no crime to charge,” even though there was evidence that the cab driver attempted to abuse Escobar.
Mario Escobar appeared to be in a state of shock, stating, “I was foolish to trust the prosecutor’s office, and I apologize.”

The office of the Attorney General proposed the hypothesis that Escobar had suffered a serious concussion before his death and then accidentally fell into the cistern of the motel, where he drowned.

In addition, Escobar’s parents questioned the fact that the authorities had searched the Nueva Castilla Motel at least four times over 13 days using more than 200 officers, drones, and search dogs yet had come up empty-handed each time. It wasn’t until the personnel at the hotel began to smell something awful coming from the cistern that the body was found and identified.

Net worth of debanhiescobar:

Escobar was already one of the ten richest individuals on the planet, with a net worth of $30 billion when he was captured. However, at this point, the governments of both the United States and Colombia had launched their pursuit of him.

Debanhi Escobar social media:

On her Instagram account, which can be found under the username @debanhi.excobar, Debanhi Escobar has over 603,000 followers.

FAQ About Debanhi Escobar

Q.1 Who became Debanhi Escobar?

Ans: Debanhi Escobar transformed herself into a Mexican teenager. The last known sighting of her was on April 9, 2022. Her lifeless body was found on April 21, 2022, in the city of the same name in Escobedo, Mexico.

Q. 2 Who were the supporters who worked for Debanhi Escobar?

Ans: Debanhi Escobar was born to Mario Escobar (Mother) and Dolores Bazaldua (Father), who were both drug traffickers (Mother).

Q. 3 How much more antiquated has Debanhi Escobar become?

Ans: Debanhi Escobar’s age is now 18 years out of date.


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