From a Professional Nanny to an International Fitness Icon: The Miraculous Journey of Katya Elise Henry

katya elise henry

Katya elise henry is just about to touch her 29th birthday and she is already an online fitness trainer, a fitness model, the owner of a trendy swimwear brand Kiss My Peach Swimwear and active wear called Built by Katya, a social media icon and the mother of two. Seriously a young achiever with years ahead of her to pursue her relentless dreams.

Of Figure and Substance

At 5 foot 6 inches and not so special vital statistics of 36-28-36, it was nothing exceptional about her external appearance. However, it was her inner philosophy, “Be motivated. Be active. Be confident. Be you.’’ that she vociferously advocated all around her with her spirit and action that brought her all the difference. In fact, in one of her Instagram posts she made her life mantra clear by declaring that her aim is to ‘influence you to be better.’

Of Fame and Glitter

She is a social glitterati and International Fitness Celebrity in her own rights. Being a successful fitness entrepreneur wearing more than one hat at a time, she has a huge fan following in her multiple accounts on both Facebook and Instagram in addition to her Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube account. Her main Instagram account sports an incredible 7.7 million followers with her voluptuous body and brown radiant skin oozing out oomph and oeuvre in equal measure.

Of Brain and Brawn

Her meteoric rise to stardom was not a regular story of any regular American celebrity. Other than her passion for fitness and dare to dream attitude well nurtured by her mother who was also a personal trainer by profession.

In her formative years, she accompanied her family all across Minnesota and beyond with her parents. She graduated from the Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she got herself enrolled in the cheerleading squad, taking the first step to become the fitness icon that she is now. Once developing her cardio routines and flexibility through cheerleading, she followed her mother’s guidance, which set her on the accurate course for the type of body Katya Henry wanted for herself. It was her mother who guided her on what exercises to do, what to eat and what food supplements would be ideal for her.Henry recalls the experience with fondness, “I was blessed with a wonderful mother who is also, luckily, a personal trainer.”

Katya first posted on Instagram way back in late January 2013; it was a radiant photograph of herself in an oversized T-shirt. At that point of time, she used to be a nanny, working out whenever her busy schedule would allow. She started posting photographs of her early progress soon after and got immediate recognition for her glutes and well-toned abs. Henry is partnered with fitness and supplement brand EHPlabs, and has been featured on events, such as Joe Weider’s ‘Olympia Weekend’ and ‘Body Power Expo’ to name a few.

At present, she is definitely a very good-looking woman with brown skin, eyes, and hair. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She represents a modern-day model. To the tune, her vital statistics are 36-28-36 inches. Katya weigh around 59 kg. As she has done a lot of cosmetic surgery on all her body, most of her body parts do look bigger than usual. She is a fan of tattoos. Katya has made a huge tattoo beside her right hip of the protein brand blessed.She has a quote by Emme Woodhull-Bäche tattooed on the left side of her rib cage that reads, “Thorns and Stings / And Those Such Things / Just Make Stronger / Our Angel Wings.” A cross on the back of her neck and multiple other tattoos on not so visible areas of her body.

Of her Professional Career

As already mentioned she started as a professional cheerleader after her college days and worked as a nanny in her after years. The fitness bug hit her as a cheerleader and she devoted her time and energy into grooming her body to be adorable to the world. But what made her established as a fitness icon from a cheerleader and a nanny is really an interesting account. As she concentrated on developing a body of her choice with guidance of her personal trainer mother, she started posting her photographs of her early progress on her Instagram account and got immediate recognition for her glutes and well-toned abs.Something that started on Instagram, as a journal to keep track of her own development became a sensation almost overnight, drawing the world’s attention towards her. Today she has multiple accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, with her main account on Instagram sporting an incredible 7.7 million followers.Her commitment to work hard and not give up until the desired results are achieved have inspired thousands of fans, which in turn has inspired her to consider personal training as a full-time profession. Today she is a celebrity online personal trainer.

In addition, she is also the owner of a profitable swimwear brand Kiss My Peach Swimwear. She also runs her own fitness app called Workouts by Katya, which offers personal workout plan and nutrition advice to its users. The app is well accepted in the fitness circuit with thousands of downloads and rave reviews. The activewear brand Built by Katya is also her own brand.
She is also the co-founder of a skincare brand called Live Tinted, which offers skincare products for all skin tones. Positioned upon inclusivity and diversity, the brand works on all skin types.

She is also the brand ambassador of Blessed Protein, which is a plant-based protein brand.For WK Fit, she conducts an online training sessions.

Henry is the partner of fitness and supplement brand EHPlabs, and has been featured on events, such as Joe Weider’s ‘Olympia Weekend’ and ‘Body Power Expo’ to name a few.

Of Personal Net Worth

As of 2023, the net worth of Katya Elise Henry is estimated at around 8.1 million USD. In a very short span, she has managed to grow a market that has made her rich.She earns tons of money by modelling and monetizing her social media handles.

Katya has a fascination for luxury cars and owns one Bugatti Veyron and one Mercedes-Benz G-Class. She owns one The Birkin also. It is a fashion statement around the world to have this famous bag.

Of Philanthropy and Compassion

She is associated with five NGOs whom she contributes. These NGOs are involved with helping children in their education and growth and support the irendeavour in life.

Of Romance and Family

Katya Henry started dating singer Austin Mahone in early 2016. In the summer of that year, the couple took a road trip together to Tampa, Florida. In February 2017, Mahone and Katya publicly announced their break-up. Subsequently she was romantically linked to NBA Lankers player Kyle Kuzma.

She started dating basketball player Tyler Herro of Miami Heat in 2019. They both share their love life in Social media. This has been a continuous source of curiosity for both their fans and followers and focused added arclight in their social lives.

In September 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Zya. In June 2022, Katya announced that she was expecting her second child. In January 12, 2022, the couple welcomed a son named Harlem.However, the pair has not married yet.

Of her early life

Katya Elise Henry had a decent childhood – but it was not adorned with all the luxury. Her father earnedsufficient money as a bodyguard and helped the family to have a stable life. Hence, all three of the siblings keep on working hard for earning a fair amount of money to experience the luxury that qualifies as the definition of good life by current standard.

Katya feels that it was fantastic to have Tanaya and Gabrielle as her sisters as it made her childhood the best early life possible. They did not have too much money – but had a warm home to love each other and feel special about.

“For me, my sisters are everything as what they have done in my life is just the best thing that happened as we survived everything in a right manner,” said Katya. Also read about Amira Brie.

Of her parents

Katya Elise Henry feels blessed to have Derick Anthony Henry as her father and Tawnya Lynn Nelson as her mother. Derick is a retired professional bodyguard. He worked for 20 years for supporting his family.

Derick has been famous for providing security to big shots in the United States, mostly from the entertainment industry. Tawnya did work as a personal trainer. Katya said that she feels proud to be their child.They helped her to groom herself and was instrumental about who she was and how she operates.

Of birth and nationality

She was born on 14th June 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. She spent most of her childhood in Minnesota and later moved to California with her family. Her parents are of mixed ethnicity, with her mother being of European descent and her father being of African American and Russian ancestry.

She is a Gemini. She is American. Katya represents African-American roots. She follows Christianity. However, Katya does not seem to be too religious minded. katya elise henry tiktok

Katya Elise Henry at a glance

• She is an International Fitness Icon, a Social Media Influencer, an online Fitness Personal Trainer and a successful entrepreneur with a few personal Wellness and Fitness Wear brand.
• She is the brand ambassador of Blessed Protein – a plant-based protein brand.
• Her Philosophy is “Be motivated. Be active. Be confident. Be you.’’
• Her aim in life is ‘to influence you to be better.’
• She is 5’6’’ tall. Weighs around 59 Kg. Her vital statistics is 36 – 28 – 36.
• She is born on14th June 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
• She is the mother of two kids named Harlem and Zya Elise Herro with her soulmate Tyler Herro, who is a famous basketball player.
• She likes to go to the gym, spend time with her friends, have wine at weekends and watch the latest movies and series of Hollywood.
• She is in love with pink and blue colours since the age of 18.
• She has a celebrity crush on Hollywood actor Will Smith.
• The Harry Potter series is Katya’s all-time favourite film.
• Netflix is her all-time favourite OTT platform.
• Gucci and Balmain are two of the most favourite fashion brands of Katya.
• She is a huge NBA fan.
• Katya loves Indian and American cuisine the most.
• Katya loves luxury cars and owns one Bugatti Veyron and one Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
• Katya Elise Henry does not smoke at all but drinks in limit.
• Katya owns one The Birkin also. It is a statement around the world to have this famous bag.
• She lives in Miami, Florida.

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