Mina Bonino bio: Age, height, weight, education, family, relation, career, net worth and social media

Mina Bonino is a journalist by profession but famous because of being the girlfriend of Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde. It is surprising that Mina supported the football team her boyfriend belongs to far before they met and started dating. She love football even though she is a journalist and TV presenter.

Valverde had a quick fame at Real Madrid after some incredible feats and made a game-saving challenge against Atletico Madrid, that made him a fan favourite at Bernabeu.

Mina Bonino’s childhood

Mina was born on October 13, 1993, in Argentina. She hasn’t disclosed details about her family even though she is very active on social media but still She likes to keep her family away from the media. There is no information about her parents or what they do but there are pictures on the internet telling about her sister named Sabry Bonino.

Mina Bonino Education

As we now know that Mina belongs to Argentina so it is believed that she has spent her childhood and early adulthood in Argentina. Though there is not much information available about her studies but we know that she works as a journalist, so she must have been educated to pull such a job for sure.

Mina Bonino career

Mina is a sports presenter and a journalist. She came into limelight after hosting the TV programme Debo Decir. She is a pretty and charming girl and this has definitely helped her reach high in her career, as being presentable is everything in her profession. She is also a brand ambassador, for that matter she has bagged several high profile brands. She is famous in the country and that’s why many brands use her face to promote their product. She is a popular and respected journalist, and that’s why many people follow her shows.

Mina is also an Instagram influencer. She is having a large fanbase and she uses the social media platform to promote products and brands. She is making a handsome amount of money through those promotions. Especially the growth social media has shown in the lockdown, she has also used her poularity on social media to promote positive content and help people out.

Mina Bonino Net Worth

Mina’s has a net worth of around $100,000, which mainly earnings from her TV career, journalism and brand promotions. Her boyfriend, Valverde, also earns a significant amount. They both are living a lavish life as together they earn a lot of money.

How Mina Bonino met the love of her life

Mina Bonino has told in an interview that it all started on Instagram. She followed him, but never sent him a message until one day she commented but I didn’t expect an answer, like many times you write to someone without expecting anything but he did replied. Then they started talking and suddenly she visited him in Spain, attending a match that Fede played against Barcelona.

After so much talking, they have found that they need to meet but Mina has to travel to Madrid, because it was the middle of the season. So he invited her there. She did told her mom and dad, that she met a boy and she is going to Madrid to see him”. Her mom was terrified that time about how a stranger has became so important to her daughter but Today, she is the happiest woman in the world because she sees her daughter happy.

Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde relationship

Federico Valverde met his girlfriend Mina in 2019. They hid their relationship from everyone for a very long time. That’s why people were not at all aware about their love story initially. They took help of social media and the duo revealed their relationship in public through an Instagram post. They haven’t revealed about how they met but Mina being a sports presenter, it is easy to understand how they met actually. Mina is a hardcore Real Madrid fan, it wasn’t that difficult to click with Valverde. She likes big Sergio Ramos a lot, and her boyfriend made her meet her idol. They met and there was something glued them together as they started dating and fell in love immediately. They are too much in love that they are having a child together now.

Never ending love of Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde

The trust they have built so far with each other is the glue which is making their relationship so strong and their son is the addition which has grown this bond even stronger. You will see both of them supporting each other throughout.

A special promise by Mina’s boyfriend

Federico Valverde has been a trend in recent times for a controversial commitment. The Uruguayan footballer gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper AS and after being asked about the things he was willing to give to win the Champions League, the former Peñarol launched: “There are many things … Everything, I think. It’s a unique trophy. for any player of the world. I am willing to give a lot of things. Except for my son … Maybe I’ll give it to my wife“.

He later clarified that it was just a joke, but his wife grabbed the glove and replied, “I don’t judge. If River wins another Libertadores also given to him. You have to sacrifice friends, all for 14 ″, wrote Bonino, a confessed fan of Millionaire. Everything is in between laughter and the posting has thousands of interactions.

Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde Children

Mina and Valverde are blessed with a baby boy named Benicio Valverde, on February 20, 2020. They are being seen spending time with their baby

Mina Bonino Social media

Her work is related to social media too as she is very famous on Instagram. She is having more than 450k followers on her page, and her follower base is continuously growing. She is quite active on social media and keeps on posting pictures of herself with her beautiful children and her husband. Her workout posts are also there. She always supports her boyfriend and visits the Bernabeu frequently as much as she can.

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