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Green aesthetics : blending good vibes to your routine

A blend of colour has a power to convey your feelings without any words. Well, there is a strong reason why we use colours to make the words more effective and self explanatory like, “He was green with envy,” “He is feeling blue” or “She is red hot.” Colours actually organizes our lives just like traffic lights, or white directional stripes on the road, or any colour code.

Importance of green aesthetics

When we talk about Green colour , we are in real talking about life, revival, nature, and health , there are many meanings you can relate it to like growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. The meanings you will be associating with any colour depends upon your opinions. Someone will associate it with money, some with ambition, some with being gross and some with moving on. Don’t worry and define your own, the importance of a colour is your personal thing.

The aura it creates

Though it varies people to people but if we say in general then Green creates an aura of being a nature lover, calm and grounded personality. It is being observed that green colour boost up the feeling of hard-work , which has an oomph to build an auric colour spectrum, to welcome growth. Though it is not positive always, as it does has a downside that they may be prone to jealousy or competition.

Benefits of adding green to your home

Now after we all have dealt with the pandemic which has made us very intimately being in relationship with our homes than before, so now we do give a thought about the ways to make our lovely nest uplift and peaceful. We need a place which can be a soothing corner which can combat high levels of stress and uncertainty we will be getting in. Green aesthetics helps to create such environment, and it doesn’t have to be a big house always. Having a corner in a balcony with green carpet and green furniture can transform it into a home meditation corner and few plants will add beauty to it. We being aware and tuning with the environment are now becoming a green trend setters with the use of the colour green throughout elements of home design.

Religion and green aesthetics

Believe it or not but every religion has its colours, or few favourites in context with colours. As the charm of colour can directly reach into people’s deep heart and can connect them emotionally with people in no time. Colours have a great significance in the history itself, there are colours which are used in high frequency in different Architecture and has been concluded and organized from the perspectives of history, religions as well as culture in order to study the using regulation of colour and specific methods applied to certain architecture. The choice of colours interprets a lot about related things. It shows the artistic feel, profound religious connotation, the distinctive national culture, national identity and emotional expression.

Green is a colour you will find sprinkled in most of the religions have a great significance, in Hindu religion green is the colour of prosperity and often used during happy rituals or to offer goodwill to someone. In Islam, green is the religious colour they use for praying rituals. Greek architecture has a touch of green, and there are many follows green as a religious belief.

Food industry and green aesthetics

Food industry is totally going with the green aesthetics as it boosts their business. People who are reaching out to them are looking for something which not only satisfy their hunger but the eyes too. So, to cater this to the customers, restaurants and hotels are being inspired by green aesthetics to create an impact.

They try to create a feel of healthy and fresh with such theme, and it does work. There are restaurants using green paper to give a feel of banana leaf and it works. Though it can never compensate the original one but still food industry is acing it with new ideas like that.

Peace and green aesthetics

It has been researched that a colour has an ability to relax you. Colours have an enormous impact on us, psychologically, emotionally and even physically. There is a reason why we choose different colours for different occasions. For example, red shades for a party while lighter shades to calm yourself down.

you can use colour as a stress management tool if you are being stressed. Green is a colour which on top list which is a restful and quiet colour as it is a symbol of nature, green is a beautiful and comforting colour that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and lead you towards calmness. It makes you feel refreshed, in addition beige greens and pale yellow-greens are the most stress-reducing shades you can go for.

Whatever we do and going through, our daily judgments and decisions are based on aesthetic responses to aspects of what we see around. The aesthetic experiences of ours are related to motivating factors towards our sensory experiences emotions etc. A person can be amazed just by using this colour for spreading peace.

Green aesthetics, make you feel special

You can try it yourself; it works for everyone. One will always feel special with the soothing greenery around. The shades of colours can also have different impact on different people, There can be shades which can evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility. Whereas there are shades which can evoke feelings of calm, sadness, or indifference.

Green aesthetics adding to your creativity

Our creativity depends on many aspects and colours are one of the strong aspect among those. We humans are being designed to respond to colours. We relate things with colours like the yellow sun, the blue sky, the seven hues of the rainbow, the green leaves, the red apple, the traffic lights, the Tiranga and so on. You actually recognize the object from its colour.

We attach an identity to an intangible thing. Colours create a bond which helps us to communicate to our surroundings in a most beautiful way.

There are colourful idioms you always use just like that without realizing colours being an integral part of every minute of yours, like ‘once in a blue moon’, ‘bolt from the blue’, ‘in the blues’, ‘beat black and blue’, ‘cheeks turning red’ etc; it mean that each colour evokes an emotion. Our creativity is also an emotion which responds accordingly, sometimes you feel so motivated full of ideas and sometimes stuck somewhere with no ideas. Colours does help a person to stay at the best level and then shine in a creative way.

Impact of green aesthetics on chidren

Colours has a great effect on the bodily functions, mind and emotions. It has been researched and documented that there are several benefits of colours where the development of the brain, creativity, productivity and learning are concerned. It can have different effect on different people like excitement, calmness, motivation, raising tension or giving peace etc. These effects can be observed more distinctly in children. Children are far more sensitive than adults so their response will also be different and more sensitive towards colours too.

This is the reason why it is quite important to choose colours appropriate for children. For instance in case of an anxious child if you are using an intense red colour in the room, or dressing them in red clothes or giving them a red rucksack could make him/her even more restless and tense and it will be the same for very active children as well.

Red is an energetic colour and if used on or around a very active child, this could affect their educational success negatively. The suggestion would be to use more appropriate colours like blue, green and purple in the belongings of energetic and restless children.

We need to be very vigilant and sensitive in designing children’s rooms. Though whole house of yours is important but a child’s room must be attractive and entertaining, with elements that will contribute to his education and the development of his brain. The choice of colours should gone through many aspects like the wall colour for their rooms should be to protect children’s sight, provide them with a proper study environment, protect their physical and mental health and create an environment conducive to a comfortable sleep.

It may be of ordinary importance for you being a parent but for a child, it is a place he/she sleeps in, plays by himself and spends time with his/her friends. The younger the age of a child the simpler his/her room must be. The rooms of a baby and a 4 year old child must not be the same if possible. The place you are setting up for your children can be seen as a great inspiration to them.

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