Victor Voronov Wiki (Johnny Weir’s Ex-Husband) Gay, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Birthday, Height & Weight

Victor Voronov is a well-known American attorney. Victor Voronov is the most prominent celebrity working as a lawyer in the United States. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have used Victor Voronov as a leading man. More than 25 million people follow Victor Voronov on Instagram. According to Forbes, he has been one of the top-paid American lawyers in recent history. His acting chops take off in Hindi movies. He now makes his living in the cosmetics industry.

Victor Voronov Age and Body Measurements

According to his birthyear he is now 35-year age. He is 1.83 meters tall and 65 kilograms in weight. His attractive appearance and engaging character make him the Centre of attention. Not much is known about his physical characteristics either. In addition to his impressive stature, this hottie has a pair of raven locks in dark brown and black. His attractiveness and humility have won him many admirers.

Victor Voronov Childhood and Early Education

Victor is among the gifted people who also had a pleasant upbringing. Even if we don’t know much about his family background, we can confidently conclude that he had a good upbringing and was free to pursue any job path he wanted. Despite his lack of a family, he had a delicious and nutritious upbringing.

In contrast to Victor, this person studied politics at Emory University in 2001. In 2005, Voronov graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA. After finishing his undergraduate degree, the lawyer pursued his education at Georgetown University Law Centre. At a young age, Voronov committed to learning which has paid off in the form of many academic credentials throughout his life.

Career Path of Victor Voronov

Victor’s special schooling made him a standout among his peers. A business law practice jumped at him once he received his J.D. in 2008. Following that, Victor spent a year at the New York and Moscow offices of the law firm Chadbourne and Parke LLP. The gifted attorney oversaw M&A, JV, PE, IPO, and other corporate transactions during his time at the organization. Victor departed the organization in December 2009 after working there for 32 months.

This person worked as a media lawyer in New York City from July 2010 to January 2014. Some examples of the different types of work he has done are drafting, evaluating, and revising. His hard work attracted many new customers and helped them establish successful businesses. Success requires periodic changes; the most recent one started in March 2004 and will end in February 2015. Voronov’s career progressed to include high-profile cases involving sex marriage, domestic violence, celebrity goodwill, marriage troubles, and many more. Undoubtedly an excellent lawyer, Victor is currently employed as an attorney in the Metro Detroit area, and his works explain the Class Action Lawsuit of the Flint Water Crisis. Indeed she has more in store, and we will share the news with you when it arrives.

Victor Voronov’s Private Life

Even before he came out as gay, Victor’s sexual orientation was widely assumed to be gay. He waited until the week before his wedding in 2011 to reveal his sexual orientation in his biography Welcome to My World. He explained his confession by pointing to the prevalence of gay suicides. He later married Johnny Weir in a civil wedding on New Year’s Eve 2011 in New York City, following his coming out.

They finally split up in 2015 after being married for four years due to their partners’ problems. They went their ways after the divorce, with Voronov blaming Johnny for the failure of the marriage. The quality of their relationship was reflected in the length of the court struggle the couple had over their dog. While Victor was in court suing Weir for slander and accusing him of domestic abuse, Voronov struck his ex-husband. Victor went so far as to claim that his ex-spouse bit him.

He met ice dancer Joti Polizoakis at the Atlanta airport after his romance with Weir ended. After a brief acquaintance, the two began dating and eventually became engaged—the Paralympic athlete Joti who competed in Pyeongchang.

How Did Victor Voronov Come Out as Gay?

Even as a kid, Voronov hid the fact that he was gay. He was undoubtedly waiting for the ideal opportunity to come out as gay. As a result, a month before his wedding to Weir, Victor announced the news to his loved ones.

After his marriage ended in divorce, Voronov blamed Weir for forcing him to come out as gay. While living as a heterosexual guy, Victor admits he often felt like an outsider. He claims that Johnny was responsible for him finally coming out of hiding.

Victor Voronov Husband

Victor’s relationship is one of his life’s well-known and noteworthy aspects. The fact that Voronov is gay is not shocking, as his private life runs smoothly. There was a time when this person dated Johnny Weir. That year, 2011, was also the year of their wedding and subsequent union. In the fall 2014, Victor Voronov met ice dancer Joti Polizoakis at the Atlanta airport. They got engaged in December 2015, shortly after they moved in together in Detroit; however, they broke up in August 2016. Sadly, Polizoakis’s marriage didn’t fare as well as his Olympic success. The figure skater Voronov was engaged to be nine years younger than him.In 2015, they went their separate ways because of their jobs and personalities. After her breakup with Johnny, the lawyer went on to meet the ice dancer Joti Polizoakis.Although he had broken up with her previously, by December 2015, they were engaged and seemed to be getting along rather well. But in August of 2016, like so many other years, his life was devastated again after a period of great success. He’s settled into his singlehood quite nicely at this time.

After Voronov’s defamation lawsuit

In a defamation complaint filed in New York City on September 18, 2014, Voronov claimed that Weir had lied about him committing attempted rape and sexual misbehavior in front of 2,500,000 people. Victor stated that Weir lied about his sexual health and openly accused Voronov of having “herpes” or an STD.

Reasons behind Victor and Johnny’s divorce

• Johnny and Victoria tied the knot, and now they’re happily married.
• In addition, he has gone to other locations to back up this deal.
• But he doesn’t, so they end up divorcing.
• They’ve both had rough patches in their marriage, and it’s finally ending.
• Johnny is in shambles after the breakup, and she can’t seem to pull her focus away from work.
• In the winter of 2014, after Victor and Joti Polizoakis had broken up, they reconnected at the Atlanta airport.
• Also, they got engaged in 2015 but split up the following year.

Victor Voronov Net Worth

Victor, an American of Russian descent, is a successful lawyer who has climbed to great heights in his field. This lawyer has had a $2.5 million fortune since the beginning of 2019. Everything that has happened is a direct outcome of my career as a lawyer and my unwavering commitment to it. Aside from this, we know very little about the annual income or assets. In any case, if anything emerges, you can rest assured that we will let you know. His ex-new wife’s spouse, Johnny Weir, is worth around $2 million.

Victor Voronovs on social media

The lawyer Voronov uses social media frequently, much like many famous people. He uses Instagram and other social media, although his popularity is limited. He avoids the site since he likes to keep a low profile and is so committed to his job.

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