The Future of Online Casino Payouts : Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots were originally associated with poker, but they are now largely associated with slot machines and lotteries. The jackpot game’s earliest iteration gained popularity in the 1870s and required players to hold a pair of jacks before placing a wager. However, a plethora of jackpot slots known as progressive jackpot games also appeared with the online revolution. These real money online slots games have intriguing themes, original gameplay, and enormous jackpots.

Other casino games like bingo, blackjack, and poker also provide progressive jackpots. These games are, without a doubt, the future of payments at online casinos.

What Is a Slot with a Progressive Jackpot?

Before moving on, let’s explain what a progressive jackpot is to beginners. It is a slot machine-based online casino game with a continually growing winning pot. Up until a player wins the progressive jackpot, a certain percentage of each player’s wagers are subtracted by the gambling site to build the reward pool.

The prize pool then returns to its starting amount after the winner collects a sizable payoff. You can find a list of the best progressive jackpot casinos in Canada that promise an enjoyable gaming experience on our top-canadiancasinos.com page. The operation of progressive jackpots will then be highlighted.

A Progressive Jackpot: How Does It Operate?

Don’t worry if this is your first experience with progressive jackpots. You should be able to pick them up quickly because they operate similarly to other online casino games. As the name suggests, a portion of each stake is dedicated to the prize, making this sort of jackpot progressive.

Due to the simultaneous connections of hundreds of players from around the world, the winning jackpot might reach enormous sums. Leading software companies supply the advanced titles in well-known categories like:

When a player wins the jackpot, the total starts over with a base amount and continues to build.

To receive the highest prizes, sign up at a top-rated Canadian online casino with a progressive jackpot.

Payouts for progressive jackpots

Due to the large wins associated with progressive jackpots, casino websites treat payments differently from other gaming options. The gambling website might not readily provide a one-time payment option on jackpots due to the quantity of the winning reward that could be awarded. Instead, they distribute the jackpot in monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments.

For instance, if a policy dictates that payments must be made within two years, an online casino might divide a $2 million win into eight quarterly payments. Some stipulations address player passing away while winnings are being paid out. To continue collecting the progressive jackpot, the bettor needed to have named a beneficiary.

Additionally, you might have to accept a one-time payment or check that is less than or greater than the limits. To experience huge prizes, pick jackpot games with exciting gameplay, great no deposit bonus offers, and other promotions.

The best progressive jackpots on Canadian gambling sites are accurately described on Top-CanadianCasinos.com, a reputable online casino review site. Please read our in-depth reviews to discover helpful advice on how to pick top-rated progressive jackpot casinos for the highest possible payouts.

Progressive jackpot types

Jackpots can either be fixed or progressive, depending on whether the reward pool grows or stays the same. The three primary categories of progressive jackpots are Wide-Area Progressives, Linked Progressives, and Stand-Alone Progressives. The top payout online casino provides further information about each kind below:

The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots: How to Pick Them

You should become familiar with selecting the finest progressive jackpots before opening an account at any Canadian gambling website. First, look over all of the progressive jackpot games in the online casino’s repertoire. Then, keep in mind the following advice while you select the game that suits you the most:

Wide Area Progressives – Wide-area jackpots are games that a software vendor connects across various casinos so that players can enjoy huge winnings. The renowned and wildly popular Mega Moolah slot machine is one of the wide-area jackpots offered by Microgaming, a prominent gaming provider.

linked progressives – Progressive jackpot games that are linked together inside a single casino site are known as linked progressives. Since every connected progressive gaming machine is part of the same gaming network

Stand Alone Progressives – Because the slot machine is not connected to any other machines, Stand Alone Progressives are jackpot games with fixed values. These games often have a tiny jackpot value and low volatility. The top Canadian online casinos provide a variety of standalone free slot games.

Random Progressives – You can choose random progressive jackpots if you don’t have enough real money to stake. These games are ideal for players who can afford C$1 to C$5 in tiny bets. So, with a wager as small as C$1, you have a chance to win the enormous jackpot prize. The greatest online casino sites in Canada provide a variety of random progressive slots and other games.

Always pick a game you like to play.

The best option is always to pick a progressive jackpot game you enjoy playing, regardless of the possible payoff. Since it’s necessary to having fun, winning is only one aspect of gambling.

Make Sure the Game Fits Your Budget

You should stay with a progressive jackpot game that fits your budget, as per our advice. You always run the danger of losing, so you need to have enough money to gamble the maximum amount several dozen times over if the game requires it in order to be eligible for the jackpot. You can avoid putting your entire balance at jeopardy by doing this.

Setting off the Jackpot

While playing the base game, players have several chances to win the jackpot. They might, for instance, win the jackpot rewards at random or through a casino bonus game. It is more difficult to win progressive jackpot games with several layers.

Games from Various Categories

Today, the majority of online casino game choices offer a progressive jackpot variety for overall profits. As a result, you must check to see if the site’s library includes progressive games from well-known genres including online slots, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. You won’t get tired of playing at the casino this way.

Watch out for promotions and bonuses

Canadian online casinos provide large bonuses to encourage new users to their site. The finest progressive jackpot games are those with multiple linked bonuses since they increase prizes.

Check to see if any progressive games provide new and returning players bonuses, such as no deposit bonus offers, reload promotions, and more, before making your decision. This increases your bankroll with real money so you may make more bets.

Providers of progressive jackpot software

Leading software developers like Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt power the many sorts of progressive jackpots. As a result, a variety of exciting jackpot games with excellent designs, HD graphics, immersive music, and profitable no deposit bonus bonuses are on the horizon. The top progressive jackpot software developers in the Canadian gambling market are listed below:

Playtech progressive jackpot games, Microgaming progressive games, and Realtime Gaming progressive jackpots are all examples of progressive games.

Realtime Jackpots from Gaming

At Canadian online casinos accepting dollar deposits, this is one of the most well-liked game suppliers for mobile slots. Slot machines with progressive jackpots from Real-Time Gaming include Megasaur, Cleopatra’s Gold, Aztec Millions, Jackpot Pinatas, Spirit of the Incas, and more.

This software provider also offers a number of poker games, including Caribbean stud poker and Let’em Ride Poker. Over the course of its existence, Real Time Gaming has paid out 6,051 jackpot prizes totaling C$60,125,139.

The future of rewards at online casinos is in progressive jackpots. Even though they won big this year, progressive jackpot winners are increasingly preferring to stay at home and cash in on their windfall instead of attending the VMAs.

Games Progressive by Microgaming

One of the biggest software providers to the global online gambling market is Microgaming. On their Mega Moolah slot machine, they have dollar deposit casinos. According to corporate regulation, players who have confirmed their accounts are eligible to receive full payouts of jackpot wins. Usually, it takes a few weeks to get all of your prizes.

Mega Moolah, Wow Pot, and Major Millions are a few well-liked Microgaming slot games that have numerous qualifying games linked to the same jackpot prize pool, so their earnings add up quickly. Additionally, you may access progressive jackpot table games including Blackjack, Caribbean Draw Poker, Triple Sevens, and Cyber Stud Poker. Other games with progressive jackpots include Roulette Royale and Supajax Progressive Jacks or Better. Play progressive slots and other games from Microgaming at the top Canadian gambling websites.

Progressive Jackpot Games by Playtech

This esteemed software provider offers a terrific selection of progressive jackpot games. There are more than thirty titles from Playtech, including progressive jackpot Baccarat games. The top payout casino online also offers breathtaking Playtech progressive jackpot games including Gold Rally, Funky Fruits, Progressive Blackjack, Progressive Baccarat, and Jacks.

As in the Age of the God series, the majority of Playtech’s jackpot slots are a part of a collection of various games sharing a common prize pool. Over 87,400 players have received C$820,822,954 in jackpot payments from the software supplier since 2009. When a player wins the jackpot, Playtech has a policy of paying the casino directly. A list of the top Playtech progressive jackpot games can be found on the top-canadiancasinos.com page.

Progressive Jackpots from NetEnt

Another well-known gaming provider with a wide selection of progressive jackpots for Canadian players is NetEnt. Massive prizes of C$703,899,824 in jackpots have been enjoyed by over 60,000 gamers. The majority of NetEnt progressives are played in an online casino with participant contributions to the prize pool.


Due to the jackpot prizes, players from Canada and other countries find progressive jackpots to be very alluring. Progressives, as opposed to fixed jackpots, build up the prize pool over time by deducting a portion of each player’s wager each round. When a player wins the jackpot, the total returns to its starting amount and begins to rise once more.

Progressive jackpots are fortunately available in a range of gaming genres, including slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and live casino games with free spins. So, regardless of your preferences, you can take advantage of a number of possibilities. For immediate access to profitable progressive jackpot games, register for an account at the greatest payout online casino in Canada.

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