Pennsylvania (PA) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Pennsylvania Advanced Draw

Players can always save time and play with multiple draws at once by using advanced draw. You can also activate a similar multi-draw option or purchase a multistate game subscription on this recommended website.

How to buy lottery tickets in Pennsylvania?

Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase tickets at any Pennsylvania lottery retailer or through the iLottery app or web platform. On the other hand, there are great multistate games that you can find by playing multistate games.

In Pennsylvania, how can I submit a prize claim?

After reading the Pennsylvania Lottery results, players who believe they are winners must first sign and complete a winning ticket. The claiming process then varies depending on the total prize pool and each player’s preferences. All are clearly detailed below.

Prize money under $2,500

  • Up to $2,500 in prizes can be claimed by winners at nearby shops, although not all of them can release the whole amount. A claim form must be completed for prizes over $600.
  • Prizes can be claimed by mail. For prizes over $600, a claim form must be submitted with a copy of the winning ticket and photo ID.

Prizes over $2,500

  • When you pick up your prize at a lottery facility, you will be given a claim form, a winning ticket that has been signed, and a copy of your photo ID.
  • Mail your claim form to lottery headquarters with a copy of your signed winning ticket and photo ID.
  • The prize must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters if it is a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot or a higher or second level prize in a Cash4Life or scratch-off game.

However, winners who use recommended online lottery websites may receive the full amount in their digital account, depending on the website they choose.

How to Play the Pennsylvania Powerball Lottery

Powerball is a multistate lottery game played in 43 states. It’s a massive jackpot game or cash game combined with 9 ways to win.

How do I play Powerball

To play Powerball in Pennsylvania or any other state, buy a $1 ticket, then select the number 5, plus start with Powerball. Powerball tickets can be purchased up to 13 weeks in advance. 21:59 Eastern time will be the cutoff time for purchasing Powerball tickets on draw days (Wednesdays and Saturdays).

• Fill out a selection slip when participating and choose between 1-55 five white numbers each with the Powerball retailer. Then, from the second set of numbers, which range from 1-42, select the lone red Powerball ball.

• Like other PA lottery games, Powerball players can choose to have numbers randomly generated by a computer – called Quick Picks. Additionally, you can pick the red Powerball numbers or the five white Powerball numbers, and the computer will make a rapid pick for the remaining numbers.

Important information Cash 5 (Pennsylvania):

This game has a pari-mutuel prize has a jackpot that starts at $150,000. Which means it can change.

• You’ll get a quick cash number as soon as you buy a ticket, and Cash 5 is the only daily game in Pennsylvania that delivers substantial jackpots. You can win $2 or $6 with it.
• 180 days are given to the winners of this game to claim their awards.
• Cash5 cannot be played online, in contrast to ostensibly multistate games like Powerball and Mega Millions.
• The largest jackpot ever drawn on Cash 5 was $2.4 million as of 8th August 2019.
How to play Pennsylvania Cash 5 game?
• Request a playslip and start playing at your local retailer. If that isn’t possible, you can play a variety of other lottery games nearly everywhere. In this Cash5 game, you choose two numbers from 1 to 43 or use Quick Pick and let the system choose for you.
• You pay for the tickets; you need to claim valid prizes and to receive another ticket for each purchase. This will be your ticket to fast money.
• On this exact same page, pay close attention to the Pennsylvania Cash 5 results from the same day.


Are Pennsylvania lottery tickets available online for purchase?

Only the Powerball and Mega Millions of games are available on the Pennsylvania iLottery website and app.

What age must a person be to participate in Pennsylvania lottery games?

You must be 18+ to purchase tickets or receive a prize.

What if I lose my ticket?

Please keep your ticket safe. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the prize without the ticket.

Where are the Pennsylvania lottery results?

On this same page, the results of the Pennsylvania Lottery automatically update after each draw.

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