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SportsBioMichael Phelps – Great Physique Great Goals

Michael Phelps – Great Physique Great Goals

Michael Phelps was born on June 30th, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Flapps’ mother is a teacher. His father is very fond of sports. At the young age of 7, Phelps started swimming with his two older sisters. Although in the early stages, Michael was very afraid of water, especially pouring water on his head. For this reason, his swimming coach asked him to swim from the back side. In the beginning, he used to swim only as a hobby.

Michael Phelps Setting goals at a young age

Michael Phelps started swimming at the young age of 7. Michael Phelps got his mother and sister’s support and inspiration to go swimming. When the whole family supports a goal, it can be easily achieved. Michael Phelps continued his practise despite the fractured hand and made his legs and arms stronger for swimming.

Michael Phelps career

In 1996, when Phelps was only 11 years old, he got a chance to watch the Olympic match being held in Atlanta. When Phelps saw the best swimming of Tom Malco and Tom Dolan, a trend in the field of swimming also arose in Phelps’ mind. Only then did Phelps decide to make a name for himself in the field of swimming. It was during the time when the flaps were practising swimming that coach Bob Bowman had a keen eye on the flaps, i.e., long arms and legs, which are very important from the point of view of swimming, to train the flaps. decided to

Bowman’s eagerness to work hard, hidden inside the flaps, and achieve any goal impressed him greatly. And that’s why Bowman decided to train Phelps. The result was that, at the age of 15, Phelps was included in the American team in 2000. Along with this, he also got a chance to perform at the Olympic event held in Sydney. However, he did not get any medals for this. There was only disappointment.

But instead of being disappointed, Phelps decided to learn from the defeat. And by removing his flaws, he worked twice as hard to prepare himself. The result of which was that, after a year of this game, he set a world record in the 200 metre butterfly. Since then, their winning streak has started.

Michael Phelps A special incident

As we all know, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps created a world record by winning a total of eight gold medals. But few people know that 2 years before this victory, Phelps had fractured his hand, due to which the doctors had said that he would not be able to swim further.

The doctor also said that even if the hand of Phelps is completely cured, even then it will not have the same strength as before. This was a time when a person would kneel before the time, but even in such a difficult time, Phelps did not give up his courage and did not back down from the goal he had set for his life. Phelps decided not to step back from swimming. For this, he determined that he would use more of his legs than his hands for swimming.

It was Phelps’s courage that helped him create history at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the result is in front of us all today.

Michael Phelps Achievements

Michael Phelps has made his name famous as the best swimmer in the world. He is the only player in the world who has made a record of winning 28 medals in the Olympics. No player has won so many medals before him. Phelps also holds the record for winning 23 gold medals at the Olympics. Apart from this, Phelps is the only player in the world to win 8 gold medals in a single Olympics.

The way Michael Phelps has registered his name in the pages of history by defeating adversity is an example for every youth in the world. We all should always keep moving forward towards achieving our goals by taking inspiration from them. We get a lesson from the life of Michael Phelps that if a person makes a firm determination about something in his mind, then no matter what the circumstances can stop a person from moving forward. Phelps, who has already won 22 medals in the Olympics, including 18 gold medals before the Rio Olympics, continues here and so far has won three gold medals. With this, he has brought his gold medal tally to 21 and the total number of medals to 25 in the Olympics. He is the player to have won the most gold medals and medals in Olympic history. Where will his medal tally go? It is difficult to say because not only is he yet to compete in Rio, but he is also 31 years old. Maybe he will also be seen at the next Olympics.

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Phelps made history by winning eight gold medals. He became the first player to win the most medals in any Olympics. Phelps broke the record of seven gold medals won by another American swimmer, Mark Spitz, at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated gold and medal winner in Olympic history.
Phelps holds so many records that an entire book could be written about him.Michael Phelps is such a great swimmer because of his naturally unique physical build, limitless talent, and tremendous hard work that the world cannot believe their eyes after witnessing his success.Let’s find out why Michael Phelps is so great.

Michael Phelps The Reason for the Greatness

Michael Phelps’ achievements make him not only the greatest swimmer but also the greatest athlete. He is one of the players of great talent and incredible feats, like Pele of football, Dhyan Chand of hockey, Usain Bolt of athletics, Don Bradman of cricket, and Sachin Tendulkar. When he won 8 gold medals in Beijing, experts from other countries questioned his success. After all, how can a player achieve an almost impossible feat?

People seek the scientific meaning of their success in everything from their physical appearance to their diet. There is a discussion. After all, what are the things that make Phelps resemble a superhuman, through which he goes through such feats that are impossible for ordinary humans to even imagine?

Michael Phelps created history by winning 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Michael Phelps special physical structure

There is no doubt that Phelps’s unique physique helps him become an excellent swimmer. His physical appearance has a special hand in his success. But this alone is not the reason for his success. Michael Phelps’s height is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). Not only that, his wingspan means that the spread of both hands is 6 feet 7 inches, which is 3 inches more according to his height. Such a long wingspan helps them swim fast by pushing the water back with great speed. The long wingspan acts like a paddle for them in the water. This quality of his gives him an edge over his rivals. Michael Phelps’s long palms act as paddles while swimming. The size of their toes is 14. Their long claws act like flippers during swimming. The lower part of their torsos is relatively small, which is helpful for their swimming.

But it is not that only because of the God-gift of a special physique, Phelps managed to become a great swimmer. His hard work is also hidden behind the tremendous success of Phelps. Phelps has been taking rigorous swimming lessons since childhood. He swims 80 km in the swimming pool every week; that is, an average of 12 km swum in a day. He follows a strict diet and burns 12 thousand calories per day, whereas a man requires only 2200 to 2700 calories per day on average.This shows how hard Phelps works. That is, his physical appearance has definitely been helpful in his success, but his hard work, dedication, and passion made him a champion. Michael Phelps swims as much as 80 kilometres every week while training in the pool.

Quick Know About Michael Phelps

Marital StatusMarried
Wife Nicole Johnson
Girlfriends/AffairsBrittny Gastineau (2010-2011), Megan Rossee (2012), Win McMurry (2013)
ChildrenBoomer Robert Phelps, Beckett Richard Phelps, Maverick Nicolas Phelps 
FatherMichael Fred Phelps
MotherDeborah Phelps
SisterWhitney Phelps and Hilary Phelps
Net Worth$55 million – $60 million USD
Monthly Income/ Salary$3 million – $4 million USD
Net Worth (2021)$40 million – $50 million
FoodHealthy Food, Sandwiches
ColourBlue, Sky Blue
ActorScott Baio
ActressScarlett Johansson
SongRock Star
CarCadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz
HeightIn Feet: 6 Feet 4 Inches
In Metres: 1.95 M
In Centimetres: 195 Cm
WeightIn Kilograms: 88 Kg
In Pounds: 194 Lbs
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourLight Brown
Shoe Size9 US


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