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EducationLEGO – being the fun for everyone

LEGO – being the fun for everyone

Let’s talk about the beautiful memory of our childhood “The LEGO”. LEGO is a plastic building-block toy that gained popularity in the mid-20th century. The LEGO blocks originated in the Billund, Denmark, workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen. He started by making wooden toys in 1932. In 1935, he named his company LEGO, which means “play well” in Danish. In 1949, LEGO made its first plastic brick, with interlocking studs on the top and tubes on the bottom. It was patented in 1958 by Christiansen’s son, Godtfred Kirk, who became the head of the company after his father.

LEGO bricks soon became popular throughout Europe, and because of the growing popularity in 1968, the first LEGOLAND theme park opened in Billund. The LEGO brand was not only getting popular with kids, but young children were also into them, so in 1969 the company started selling the DUPLO line of larger bricks for young children as they had trouble handling the regular LEGO bricks. LEGO didn’t stop there. After nine years, they introduced Minifigures, the typically smiling yellow humanoids that became regular presences in the company’s themed play sets. The MINDSTORMS products, which centre on a programmable robotics pack containing customised bricks, were first launched in 1998, and LEGO kept on innovating and adding new changes with increasing complexity over the succeeding years.

Since the design was patented by the company , the basic LEGO brick has remained the same since it was patented, and this simple, child-friendly design has been credited with the toy’s longevity. The LEGO , which has been with the Christiansen family for generations, was among the inaugural inductees to the U.S. National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998 and was named “Toy of the Century” by multiple authorities in 2000. LEGO blocks have been used to create everything from massive replicas of famous monuments to modern art, and, of course, loved by all.

In the 21st century, the LEGO brand became a part of multiple electronic games—including a series of popular Minifigure action-adventure games centred on famed pop-culture properties such as the Star Wars films, Batman, Marvel Comics superheroes, and the Harry Potter books—as well as The LEGO Movie (2014), which was a blockbuster computer-animated feature film that has characters made out of LEGOS Minifigures. One of the fan-favourite characters from that film, Batman, was the subject of a stand-alone spin-off, The LEGO Batman Movie (2017).

Each and every element LEGO has is being given a deep thought and vision. The bumps on a LEGO brick are called “studs.” These are the parts of the brick that allow it to connect with other pieces. These studs are their identity. Actually, LEGO bricks are often referred to by the number of studs they have. For example, a brick that has two studs running along the short side and four studs down the long side would be called a “24” brick, which means they are recognised by their dimensions.

There are so many different Lego pieces that are being used in the game. Some people think there is only one, but that is not true. You will not believe that people are also using Lego piece 26047 as a meme. This meme is very often seen on all social media portals. Many people create funny memes using Lego pieces 26047 images. Anyone with little knowledge about creating memes can create memes with 26047 lego meme images and can share them with friends via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. If you cannot find any website for creating a meme, you can also search for it on Google by typing “Create LEGO Piece 26047 Meme” and it is super easy to make.

The simple steps to create the meme using LEGO Piece 26047 images are :-

  • Upload an image where you want to add a LEGO piece 26047 image.
  • Choose the colour according to your wishes.
  • After choosing a color, click on the download button.
  • Save that image wherever you want, i.e., on your computer, desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  • Now you can use it whenever you want .

When it comes to terminology for LEGO bricks, you need to go through many terms besides just the studs. Knowing the different categories of LEGO pieces is important for building and playing with them.

Every piece of LEGO is basically called an element of lego. For example, a blue 24 element meant a 24 brick. A brick is the basic building block of LEGO, which can be of any size or colour. The plural term for Lego bricks is “LEGO,” not “legos”. The foundation is called the baseplate for any LEGO® creation. It’s the thin plate that your builder will use to set up any creation. Baseplates only have studs on their surface to connect the LEGO. They are designed to remain level on a table or floor.

A tile is not a connector. That’s why it doesn’t have studs on its surface. It’s used as a finishing piece to improve the look of models by smoothing out the tops of buildings or floors inside structures. A jumper plate is a plate that has only one stud in the center. It’s used for half-stud offset building.

Minifigures, or minifigs, are basically the small figurines that are included with many sets. They are then larger and easier to assemble and disassemble, and are used for pre-school tiny toddlers.

A game or toy that has a long life because of its durable material. LEGO Bricks are made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), an industrial-strength plastic that’s also used to make luggage and interior car parts. The material doesn’t fade or warp over time, and it holds its colour and shape well. Though it is a safe toy, people do share their painful experience of being stepped on barefoot, and that is because of its hard, durable material. But still, LEGO is loved by kids from all age groups and by adults too. In fact, no childhood would be complete without those LEGO.

Quick Know About LEGO

Inventor(s): Ole Kirk Christiansen
Company: The Lego Group
Materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene


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