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Star infants are subjected to a barrage of media attention from the time they enter the world, particularly if both parents are well-known public figures. The situation is the same with Kannon Valentine James, the son of famous American actor Kevin James and his wife, the actress Steffiana de la Cruz, who also works in the entertainment industry. Kannon is the fourth and final kid to be born to his actor parents, who have been married since 2004.

Early Life of Kannon Valentine

Many people share Kannon Valentine James‘s birthdate on April 24. He was born that year, 2011. Likewise, the well-known child in the United States is just ten years old. When it comes to the renowned child’s birthplace, the city of Boston in Texas is where he went into the world. In addition, the famous child was born under the sign of the bull (Taurus) and is of American ancestry.

When it comes to the American celebrity child’s family, his parents are Kevin James and Steffiana De La Cruz, and he was born in the United States. Along the same lines, his father is an American comedian, producer, director, and television personality. He is from the United States. Steffiana, his mother, is also an American actress. She was born in the United States. Regarding his other family members, he is the middle child and has three older sisters. The three of them go by the names Shea, Sienna, and Sistine James.

James, Kannon’s valentine, was the third child of his parents, Kevin and Steffiana, and the third child overall. He was delivered without incident, and his child is doing well in life thus far. Other members of Kannon’s family include his parents, three sisters, and Kannon himself. Sienna-Marie James and Shea Joelle James, his two older sisters, were both born in 2005 and 2007, respectively. They are the most senior of his siblings. Similarly, he has a younger sister born in 2015 and went by the name Sistine Sabella James.

Education of Kannon Valentine

Kannon Valentine James is still at the elementary school level, which indicates that he is quite young. In a similar vein, we cannot provide any information regarding the name of the educational establishment he attended. When it comes to his father’s education, it should be noted that he began his academic career at Ward Melville High School. After completing his high school education, he enrolled in the College of Cortland at the State University of New York.

Kannon Valentine James’s Professional and Career Life

Kannon Valentine James is young enough to hold a job anywhere. He is not employed anywhere now and continues residing with his parents. Because he is Kevin James’s son, he has gained a lot of notoriety.

Kevin James’s career

Kevin is a well-known American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He was chosen, and his debut performance was a smashing success. Similarly, he realized that comedy was his calling and left college to pursue a career. In 1989, he was allowed to perform a solo stand-up routine at the club for five minutes, which ended up being a huge hit. In addition, he began his career in television in 1994 when he was hired as an announcer for the sports game show known as “SandBlast”, which was shown on MTV. Similarly, he was the show host for two seasons till 1996.

In 1998, he was given a significant opportunity when he was cast in the role of Doug Heffernan in the sitcom “The King of Queens” on CBS. His portrayal of a feisty package delivery man won over the audience’s hearts, contributing to his meteoric rise to fame. The show aired until the year 2007. In addition to that, he worked as a voice actor in the 2006 productions of “Monster House,” “Barnyard,” and “Emperor’s New School.” Similarly, he also featured alongside his good friend Ray Romano in the comedy film “Grilled.” Again, he played the role of a middle-aged single father in the motion comedy ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ (2009), which he also helped to co-write and starred in as the title figure. Although it was met with various responses from critics, the movie was a commercial success.

In 2011, he co-produced the comedy film ‘Zookeeper,’ in which he also appeared as the character Griffin Keyes and played the role of the zookeeper. In addition, in 2012, he participated in the production of the comedy film “Here Comes the Boom” as both an actor and a co-producer. In 2013, he was a part of the cast of the buddy comedy titled “Grown Ups 2,” which also starred Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Salma Hayek. Despite receiving mostly negative reviews from film critics, the movie was a commercial and financial success because of its strong performance at box offices worldwide. In 2011, he was a co-producer of the comedy film “Zookeeper,” in which he also had a starring role as the zookeeper Griffin Keyes. In addition, the sports comedy film “Here Comes the Boom,” which he acted in and helped co-produce in 2012, was released. In 2013, he appeared alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Salma Hayek in the buddy comedy ‘Grown Ups 2,’ directed by Peter Hedges. The movie was a commercial success despite receiving scathing reviews from film critics. It did exceptionally well at the box office and was a huge audience draw.

Kannon Valentine James – Net worth 2023

This is because the celebrity child does not now have a job anywhere. On the other hand, his father has amassed a substantial fortune throughout his lifetime. Kevin currently has a net worth of one hundred million dollars at present. Similarly, in addition to his acting and stand-up comedy career, he also makes money via endorsement deals and ads.

Relationship status

As we had stated previously regarding his parents. His mother, Steffiana de la Cruz, and his father, Kevin James, have been married for nearly twenty years. Her life as a married woman, which includes her husband and their children, is filled with joy and beautiful experiences. Steffiana married her longtime partner, Kevin James, earlier this year. Before being married, they had been in a romantic relationship for several years. Steffiana and James had a small, intimate wedding ceremony to tie the knot. They had invited only a select few guests, which included members of both families’ families as well as close friends and family members. The wedding took place on June 19, 2004, in California, and the pair went down the aisle together.

Most of Kannon’s time is spent engaging in playful interaction with his parents and other siblings. He likely attended kindergarten and picked up some skills that will serve him well throughout his life. The relationship between him and his parents is really strong. They spend a significant amount of their free time with him, which is obvious to his parents. Concerning his parents’ marital status, the man who raised him is wed to a woman named Steffiana De La Cruz. In a similar vein, both of his parents married each other. June 19, 2004, in the state of California. Similarly, the couple is the parents to four children, including him.

Kannon Valentine James – Body measurements

The size of Kannon is still expanding. The child of a famous person is currently 31 kilograms in weight and has a height of 4 feet and 5 inches. Similarly, his eyes and hair are also brown, much like his father’s.

Real Estate and Houses

In 2012, Kevin and Steffiana spent $18.5 million on purchasing a stunning property that overlooks the ocean in Delray Beach, Florida. After waiting another year, the couple created a ridiculous compound by spending $4.25 million for a second residence they built on the vacant site next door. In 2016, the parents of the celebrity child tried to sell the approximately 3-acre property for $29 million, but no one was interested in purchasing it. To the tune of approximately $500,000 yearly, the complex is subject to property taxes. Kevin had held ownership of a few properties in the Los Angeles area, the most famous of which he offloaded in 2013 for a price of $5.5 million.

Kannon Valentine James Social media

Currently, Kannon does not maintain an active presence on social networking networks. On the other hand, Kevin’s father’s Instagram account has over 1.7 million followers.

Quick Know About Kannon Valentine James

Name Kannon valentine James
Age12 years old as of 2022
Date of BirthApril 24, 2011
Place Of BirthBoston, United States of America
Birth SignTaurus
ParentsFather: Kevin James
Mother: Steffiana De la Cruz
Parents Occupation Father: Comedian and Actor
Mother: Actress
SiblingsShea, Sienna, Sistine

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