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White silk dress

White silk dress has an aura to please all eyes. It blooms to portray elegance and class. Silk is the most expensive fabric, thus symbolizes wealth and royalty. The dress is a trend followed by many to show the mark of simplicity with a dose of unforgettability.

Silk is the other name for luxury

Silk symbolized wealth and status, and owning a silk dress was beyond the means of most women throughout history. Silk is a luxury fabric in the fashion world. It’s considered one of the finest fibres globally. It’s made from natural cocoon protein fibres spun by silkworms before becoming moths.

Silk is very expensive because of its limited availability and costly production. It takes more than 5,000 silkworms to produce just one kilogram of silk. The farming and harvesting of thousands of silkworm cocoons are resource-heavy, labour-intensive, and costly processes.
The silk fibre is a versatile and smooth animal-derived product. Clothing designers and brands in the textile and apparel industry use silk to make lingerie, loungewear, sleepwear, blouses, suits, dresses, and shirts.

What does a white dress symbolize?

The perfect definition of a dress of success and elegance is when silk and white colour hug together. White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the colour of perfection. A white silk dress is always a treat to the eyes. It portrays the elegance in the best possible way. A white elegant dress can beat any other luxurious dress with its simplicity and class. White adds a soothing rhythm to the silk fabric and a lady in white is a fairy herself.

Occasions for a white dress

Although bright colours are expressive and fun to have in your wardrobe, but adding white is also a great choice to add grace and elegance to your clothing as well. There are many occasions where a white silk dress can be a winner for sure. The silk can make your dream dress a reality whether its a beautiful saree, short dress or gown. These very dresses can also be worn out to family dinners, in parties, for dates and any other ever possible occasion, because there is no such event or function where a silk dress cannot be worn.

Your wedding day is one of the occasions for sure as white is the colour of new beginnings — wiping the slate clean. The colour white is a blank canvas, just waiting to be written on.” So, this is a better way to start your marriage with a symbol that represents a clean start to an important chapter in your life. Simplicity of white silk dress is always beautiful, particularly if you want your wedding dress to be more significant than trendy.

White is also significant for births and religious rites for children. So, if you have a baby blessing coming up for your little one, a white silk dress might be the perfect choice for your outfit for the occasion. Anything from a birth celebration, baptism to a simple naming ceremony can be augmented by a beautiful white dress for the child, and there’s nothing that stops the proud mother, aunt or grandmother from participating as well.

Other than white having a deeper meaning in religious clothing and rites, it’s an extremely comfortable colour to wear during any weather, and it has been a necessity for a woman’s wardrobe since ancient times. Whether you’re attending a fancy garden party or going to see a dear friend perform in an upscale outdoor venue, wearing a white dress always portrays class and refinement.

Depending on the style you want, you can opt for something simpler and more casual, or an outfit that shows your love for light and graceful clothing. What’s more, white complements most skin tones so it will always offer an advantage in any social situation.

Bestie to your wardrobe

There were a number of trends spotted on the red-carpet moments, including thigh-high slits and plunging necklines. But the most important trend was a colour & fabric choice and that had real symbolic meaning.

While many celebrity gatherings had notable dress codes that allowed celebrities to illustrate their solidarity with different movements, it seems that standing for equality is ingrained in some people’s style choices regardless of the sartorial rules. Whether done intentionally or not, white was the preferred colour of celebs many times.

White has long been considered a nod to one of the earliest women’s movements, the suffragettes, who were fighting for the right to vote. Because of this, the colour has come to signify fairness, equality, and hope. This symbolism was especially evident during campaigns showing focus and clarity of thoughts.

Celebs love to dress up in silk dresses. Actually, these white silk dresses are in trend because celebs ae often spotted in silk dresses for dinner parties and award functions etc. often.

What goes well with white silk dress?

Silk is a very thin material, and heavy jewellery can overwhelm it. Silver or gold both will complement the dress well. These elegant dresses don’t need much of efforts, you can pull it off with any classy watchto make the outfit look even more extravagant with simple makeup and simple hair- do’s. Silk dresses don’t have to look super fancy. Throw on silk dress, then add your favourite accessories before hitting the town with your dazzle.This is a perfect wear look that’s sure to turn heads. A silk dress is always a win- win since it looks s=simple and yet remarkable in a way that it leaves a long-lasting streak in everybody’s mind.

When it comes to purse or clutch, anything simple will match well. Grab a small clutch or a handbag to hit the town.

Silk dresses usually have spaghetti straps, so they aren’t great for the winter. Put on a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve shirt, then throw your dress on top or matching shrug will also work.
Complete your look with good pair of footwears, always remember the choice of footwear should go with the dress as well as your comfort. So, wear a pair of heeled booties,stilettos, flats whatever fits your mood and the occasion.

One of the best things about white silk dress is that it acts as a reflector when you wear it and lights up your face in a most subtle and flattering way. Anything goes with white – it’s a thoroughly obliging and well-behaved colour. White brings out the best of anything that’s around it.A silk dress is always a win- win since it looks simple and yet remarkable in a way that it leaves a long-lasting streak in everybody’s mind.


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