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What must you know to Purchase an energy-efficient appliance?

Are you going to buy a new appliance for your home? You must have the list of features ready in mind to grab the best one. You can choose an appliance based on size, capacity, durability, price etc.

But there is one more category to be added to your list, and that is energy efficiency. Go green by switching to energy-efficient home appliances. Wait! This feature has great benefits too.

In the current situation, when major issues like global warming threaten the environment, this feature is a must-have in home appliances. For example, if you want to get a refrigerator for your home, make sure it has an energy star stick.

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By energy-efficient appliance, it means an appliance that consumes less energy. If you are still on the fence to decide if you should go for an energy-efficient one, then this article is for you. Dive into the article to get more clarity on thoughts.

Utmost Suggestions to Consider while buying an appliance

If you are keen on saving money on utility bills, then it is time for you to upgrade to energy-efficient options for your home. It creates a chance for you to do savings for an extended-term on energy bills.

Using an energy-efficient appliance would ensure energy consumption is not exhausted, and it is because these appliances will eat up less energy for their operation.

There are tips that you must remember while buying an energy-efficient appliance. Take a note of it:


The size of the appliance also matters when it comes to proving energy efficiency. If you go by the energy star rating, getting a small appliance unit might seem like the wrong decision. It is because due to its small size, it has to be kept on for long hours, which will thereby reduce its efficiency.

On the flip side, larger units might have different problems, which can lead to energy efficiency issues. So this means it is essential for you to finalise the correct size based on your usage requirements. Don’t get swept into buying an appliance, keeping the efficiency aspect in mind.

Settings for energy saving

Certain appliances like dishwashers need to have an energy-saving setting, and having this feature means you can think of less dirty cleaning dishes. Otherwise, a full-powered cycle would be wasted to clean dishes that need a light wash.

Above all, a full cycle would consume more energy and water. You will have to bear the bill at the end of the month. An eco setting is a must to be included along with the appliance so that energy and water are not wasted for lighter needs and can be utilised later for heavy cleaning requirements.

Besides, this option might not be available with some appliances like a washing machine. In that case, create your own energy-saving set-up by choosing cold water, light wash or hand wash options.

Don’t forget that buying an appliance includes two costs

While buying, you will be focusing on the price of the appliance. But you fail to remember that it has the operation cost attached to it. You will have to bear the cost throughout its entire life span.

You must know one thing appliance labelled with an energy star will have a high cost. But don’t forget that this will let you save money in the future, and it will have fewer energy requirements.

You can think of considering financing options available with the various energy-saving appliances.

Check the energy guide label

Apart from the energy star label, the appliance should have an energy guide sticker. This will come in a specific colour and will show efficiency values for the appliance. This label will also provide details like size, the estimated cost of yearly operation, energy consumption, and model.

So, you have an easy calculation regarding how much amount you carry to shell out for energy consumption. You can also analyse the amount of energy that can be saved during its lifespan.

Design of the appliance

Energy efficiency varies depending on the design of the appliance you have opted in. For example, a refrigerator with either a freezer attached to the top or bottom is more energy-efficient than those with side-by-side doors.
Moreover, an appliance with the additional feature will see increased energy consumption. So, make sure which design of the appliance will be pocket friendly and energy-efficient for you.

The cost-effective power source option

Appliances like water heaters come with either natural gas or electric power source option. In the scenario of cost-effectiveness, one option can be economical i.e. natural gas. In this regard, you must know that installation cost is slightly higher in the case of natural gas, particularly if your home does not have any natural gas resources.

You can also check if your power company facilitates cheap rates after peak hours. This would also ensure some extra savings by lowering the operation cost of the appliance.

Smart appliance

Smart appliances are those which can be programmed to act as an energy management system at home. As per your necessity and budget, you can decide the options that you must get in for your appliance.

The bottom line

You might question yourself why you should make this switch today. By reading this article, you can find some answers to your questions. The top reason should be that an energy-efficient appliance would help make your life better.

The advantage of making this switch is immense. Most importantly, you will be doing your bit towards preserving the environment. Moreover, it will be within your reach and to your pocket.

All these aspects should not be ignored if you look to purchase a new appliance. Don’t forget to check the website of the appliance company to confirm if it has an energy star or not.

You must upgrade your option if energy star is missing.


Read along with this guest post to understand the crucial points that should be considered while buying an energy-efficient appliance.


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