What Are the Top Gifts to Give to Your Lovely Customers?

So, what makes a fantastic present? I believe there are a few factors to consider: it should be relevant to the person receiving it; it should be about them, not about you; It should show that you appreciate their company and that you’ve put thought and work into picking the appropriate present to say thank you. I’ve given and gotten a lot of gifts over the years, and without intending to come across as ungrateful, most of them were bad.

Here are some examples of gifts that I believe send a positive message and aid in the development of a relationship!!!

Imagine if people thought of your firm in the same way? They were cheap things with a company logo that provided no actual practical purpose—imagine if they thought of you in the same way? 

An encounter:

My friend, who is a fantastic gift giver, always delivers experience gifts to his clientele. Over the years, he’s donated everything from Great White Shark dives to fighter jet rides, a day in a fancy automobile, and a culinary class with a celebrity chef, to name a few.

Giving experience-based presents to his clients and those who refer him to others, he says, is what has made his company so successful. Now, not all experiences have to be expensive; if you look around, you can find some very reasonable and quite fascinating experiences to give as gifts. You can order gifts online and make your customers excited.

A book that has been carefully considered:

I believe that a well-thought-out book, one that is completely relevant to the recipient, is a fantastic present. I get a lot of eBooks as gifts, and while I appreciate the thought, they aren’t nearly as memorable or meaningful to me as a real book. To get the most out of a gift, it should be tactile in some sense.

A thoughtful gift basket:

In the past, I was hard on gift baskets, but my point of clarity was “a horrible” gift basket, full with strange exotic stuff that you will never eat and that, in many cases, wound up in a gift basket because no one would buy it otherwise. A thoughtful, well-thought-out gift basket stocked with relevant, tailored goodies is a far cry from this.

Consider the individual (or persons) who will be receiving the basket: what do they like, what do you laugh about, where is their business now, where are they going, what are their challenges—then fill the basket with items that will make them smile.

A one-of-a-kind present:

My IT consultant gave me one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received. He had a bobblehead of me made (which now features in my promotional material and even on my website). It was amusing. It required a lot of effort and time on his part to pull off, and it was completely unique.

Consider something truly one-of-a-kind that is entirely tailored to the recipient. I’ve also gotten hand-painted t-shirts, other artwork, framed images of us at a certain event from clients, a short film made by some clients, and a lot of other creative ideas. These gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression.

An irrational gif:

These are the gifts when the customer has no idea or expectation of receiving a gift, in my opinion. For instance, a coffee shop owner may give you your coffee as a way of saying “thank you” for your patronage. Impulsive presents are, in many ways, the most meaningful and authentic, and they may and should be utilized frequently.

A well-being present:

These are the kind of thoughtful, customized presents that help people connect. If you purchase a gift certificate for a day of spa pampering, it will be difficult for your customer not to be grateful for your thoughtfulness. You treated them to a day of pampering and indulgence, and you made them feel good both physically and mentally.

Having a membership:

A friend of mine purchased me a 3-month subscription to a Yoga studio a few years ago. I had professed an interest in practicing Yoga but had never followed through. I had no excuse after getting his gift, so I started practicing Yoga, fell in love with it, and it helped me become a lot healthier in many ways.

I recently received a gift subscription, which was a fantastic present from a client who adored the concept. This was a great present that was both fitting and well-thought out. You can buy valentine gifts online for your lovely customers and surprise them with amazing gifts.

A subscription to a magazine:

I’ve bought several magazine subscriptions as gifts for my clients over the years, and I’ve always gotten great responses for a few reasons. To begin with, there are so many magazines to select from that finding one that is truly relevant to the receiver is usually simple. Second, another issue arrives every month, like clockwork, as a warm reminder of my gift—subscriptions truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

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