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TechnologyUltimate Guide of Using Free SSL Plugins for WordPress

Ultimate Guide of Using Free SSL Plugins for WordPress

SSL is termed as a secure sockets layer. The purpose of SSL is to build a link for server and client. It has common uses for website servers. Also, it covers browsers and Outlook. Before installing the free SSL plugin, you need to have SSL certificate. Also, you are supposed to keep checking the latest certificate of SSL. If you would not use up to dated certificates, it will cause issues. There are chances that users can take it for the untrusted website. SSL plugin makes sure a secure connection. Mostly it happens that you need to collect some information related to your client. In such cases, it is your responsibility to keep that information secure and safe. And this can be ensured by using the Free SSL plugins.

SSL plugin uses its certificate and changes the site from HTTP to HTTPS. This way you get so many benefits. Firstly, it will ensure right security of data. Secondly, you can improve your SEO ranking easily. Google crawl and index your content that ultimately increasing your SEO ranking. And lastly, it assists you in building the trust of visitors. And building visitors trust means having more traffic on your website.

Free SSL Plugins

For WordPress, you need to install ‘Autoinstall free SSL’. By having cPanel shared hosting, you can have a free SSL certificate. For using free SSL plugins, you must have information related to each plugin. This way, you will be confident about using the free SSL plugin for WordPress. There are many Free SSL Plugins. You have to see which one is best suitable for you. In this article, top I.T researchers of a dissertation writing service have discussed about using SSL in WordPress.

Really Simple SSL

Using this plugin, you do not have to spend so much time on SSL. With just one click, you can run SSL. When you enable this plugin, your site gets a shift to SSL. Now all new requests will be for HTTPS. This plugin has pro version. By using this pro version, you can have many benefits. The first benefit is holding up mixed content on your website. Secondly, it assists you in having HTTP security. And lastly, you can enable much more detailed feedback. There can be many beneficial feedbacks. By working on valuable feedback, you can increase your website’s worth.

This plugin is highly recommended by many experts. By using this plugin, you can automate so many options for yourself. This plugin scans every type of content and fixes problems in it. It also improves the back end of your content. These all are the benefits of using this plugin. No doubt it is also one of the best Free SSL Plugins. But it can cause some trouble for you. For avoiding any risk, you need to ensure a safe side. So, you must backup your website before the installation of this plugin.


This plugin has major contribution to the installation of SSL certificates. You can take this plugin as single solution for so many problems. By having SSL certificate, you can change position from HTTP to HTTPS. Future it includes many more benefits. It helps you to identify the harmful content. It identifies and then fixes the issue in your content. This all assists in identifying the core area you can work on the main domain. From all free SSL plugins, this one has the ability to multi-siting. You can go for URL mapping with this plugin. It works as a testing tool. By having a shift on HTTPS, it provides direction to the website for SSL assistance.

CM HTTPS Pro not only works for processes and issues. But it plays major role in the security of WordPress. This security becomes the reason for increasing the rate of traffic on websites. As a result of this all, the user experience gets positive responses.

WP Force SSL

Form Free SSL Plugins, this one is considered as a basic one. This plugin diverts all of the sites on the page. This diversion is the same as from HTTP to HTTPS. Here you may not find some advanced options like other plugins. In this plugin, you are supposed to add HTTPS to two addresses. The first one is WordPress address. While the second one is Site address. You can ensure this change in the general setting of system.

Use of Free SSL Plugins

Back up

While working on your website, it is always good to back up your system. It is not necessary. But it is preferable to do this before SSL workings.

SSL certificate

After backup, you are required to have an SSL certificate. You can obtain this free as well as by paying. The cost varies depending upon the verification process. You can also have this from hosting companies.

Hosting company

Suppose you want to have SSL certificate from the hosting company. Ask the company to install that certificate on your server.

Plugin set in motion

There are different plugins. You can fund many free SSL plugins. Like CM HTTPS Pro, really simple SSL and WP Force SSL. Set in motion the plugin. Check which plugin you want to run on your system. Then activate that selected one.

Selection of pages

You may have many pages on your website. But it does not mean you have to redirect all available pages. The sensible way is not to turn all pages. Pin some pages that really need high security. For example, login pages need high security. Same as checkout page also require increased security. As per this aspect, you should select that plugin that has option of page selection.

Up To Date SSL Certificate

Keeping SSL certificates up to date is the most important thing. If you do not renew your website, it will be taken as an untrusted site. A red line on your HTTPS shows it as an untrusted one. It will cause a fall in traffic on your website. And lastly, you have to take away. This is all about using free SSL plugins.


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