Top Online Communities to Join

The demand for online communities is already high and will only increase as more individuals seek to join them. The difficulties brought on by “digital isolation” may be overcome with its aid.

Strong Networks

A multitude of powerful community features are included in an all-in-one platform for creators. One of the greatest networks to join in 2021 has native Zoom integration, free iOS and Android apps, the option to build online courses, and built-in monetization tools. You can create an online community on the website using Mighty Networks, the most well-liked hosted community platform for artists.


The ideal online community platform is a standalone one with a sleek, contemporary look. Additionally, it will come with powerful community features. It is helpful for users in terms of the native iOS app. On other websites, the platform can embed widgets. Integrations with SSO are supported. Online course creation is also made simple by built-in monetization options.

PC Gamer Club

PC games are the focus of the well-known gaming publication PC Gamer. One of the top communities is PC Gamer Club, which was established in 1993. The game draws you into your stories since the plot, which centres around theft, is broad. It’s a nice platform with great benefits for joining.


One of the biggest communities created using the best WordPress-based community builder is BuddyBoss. The ability to gamify your community makes it the most adaptable. It stands out from the competition because to the white-label mobile app. The community of tech-savvy people loves it.


Popular for adult gaming is the internet game portal F95Zone. Adult fans adore the website’s content, such as the sex games, sex simulators, comics, graphic novels, and animations. One of the greatest online uprising communities for connecting with people around the world is F95 zone.

The Verge

A community website called The Verge was established in 2011 and seems to be more comprehensive than others. The community has advanced in terms of tech, science, art, and culture in addition to gaming. It stands out because to the slick navigation and high-tech appearance. And everything on this website is excellent.


For a very long time, VGR’s general gaming news and guides have enjoyed considerable popularity. But it also includes access to the VGR forums. It stands out because to forums for general gaming, gaming news, and video games as well as discussions on gamers’ attitudes toward violence.

Toms Hardware

You can ask questions, comment to others’ queries, and start or join discussions about computer technology on the tech discussion website TomsHardware. Computer hardware discussion, including CPUs, overlocking, motherboards, and other well-known components, is the focus of the subtopics.


NeoGAF, or Gaming-Age Forums, is a discussion board with a link to a news website for video games. It is well-known for its boards for everything, analyses, and simple enjoyment. Additionally, threads and active groups contribute to its notoriety.


The term “Steam Community Platform” designates a portion of the larger Steam, a well-known website and business that offers a digital distribution service for video games. The gaming behemoth Valve is behind it. Steam is wonderful in terms of the experience it offers as the ultimate location for playing, discussing, and producing games.


Building the community proves to be a terrific strategy for an online creator or the owner of a SaaS product to attract a new audience while also enhancing client loyalty, obtaining user feedback, and offering customer support. We’ve compiled a list of the top online forums that can act as the most welcoming places to engage in free conversation without fear of condemnation.

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