Universally famous young boy Theodore

Theodore is a big name youngster who is famous universally due to his dad. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who is right now serving for the United Kingdom as the PM. He is likewise the head of the Conservative Party.

Early life : Theodore Apollo Johnson

Theodore Apollo Johnson’s age is 22 years of age as of now. Johnson was born in the year 1999. His exact date of birth is not available. He is the most youthful offspring of Boris Johnson.

Physical appearance : Theodore Apollo Johnson

Theodore Apollo Johnson is a tall handsome boy. He appears to have great stature and looked after his body well. He looks more like his father.

Theodore Apollo Johnson was born to his dad Boris Johnson and mother Marrie Wheeler. His parents get hitched in 1993 and isolated in 2020.

Father: Theodore Apollo Johnson

Boris Johnson, in full Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, (born June 19, 1964, New York City, New York, U.S.), American-born British journalist and Conservative Party politician who became prime minister of the United Kingdom in July 2019. Earlier he served as the second elected mayor of London (2008–16) and as secretary of state for foreign affairs (2016–18) under Prime Minister Theresa May.

Johnson entered into the London mayoral election in July 2007, challenging Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone. During the tightly contested election, he overcame perceptions that he was a gaffe-prone and insubstantial politician by focusing on issues of crime and transportation. On May 1, 2008, Johnson won a narrow victory, seen by many as a repudiation of the national Labour government led by Gordon Brown. Early the following month, Johnson fulfilled a campaign promise by stepping down as MP. In 2012 Johnson was reelected mayor, besting Livingstone again. His win was one of the few bright spots for the Conservative Party in the midterm local elections in which it lost more than 800 seats in England, Scotland, and Wales.

While pursuing his political career, Johnson continued to write. His output as an author included Lend Me Your Ears (2003), a collection of essays; Seventy-two Virgins (2004), a novel; and The Dream of Rome (2006), a historical survey of the Roman Empire. In 2014 he added The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History, which was described by one reviewer as a “breathless romp through the life and times” of Winston Churchill.

Mother : Theodore Apollo Johnson

Marina Claire Wheeler QC is a British lawyer. As a barrister, she specialises in public law, including human rights, and is a member of the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2016.

Marina Wheeler, the ex-wife of Boris Johnson, has reportedly said she was the one who ended the couple’s 25-year marriage because life with the would-be prime minister had become “impossible”.
Ms Wheeler, a 56-year-old QC and author, married Mr Johnson in 1993 and the pair have four children together.

Parents separation : Theodore Apollo Johnson

Wheeler and Johnson became a couple and married in 1993, with Johnson’s divorce papers just signed, and Wheeler already eight months pregnant. They had four children together (one every two years for eight years), while Johnson ascended the ranks to become editor of The Spectator, then became MP for Henley in 2001.

Wheeler admits that she is the one who initiated the separation as she could not handle it and was not able to carry on things with his husband.

Secret marriage of his father: Theodore Apollo Johnson

Boris Johnson made headlines on Saturday after he secretly had a wedding with Carrie Symonds.
With the attendance of only 30 guests, it is unclear if his son Theodore attended the ceremony or not.Boris and Carrie performed a Catholic wedding with the blessing of Father Daniel Humphreys as they exchanged the vows and shared a kiss to call themselves “husband and wife”.The newly-wedded couple performed the rituals in Westminster, Cathedral.

Siblings : Theodore Apollo Johnson

Theodore has four siblings who are named Lara Lettice Johnson. Wilfred Law Nicholas Johnson, Milo Arthur Johnson, and Cassia Peaches Johnson.

Mr Johnson has seven children in total – from three different women, including his former wife Marina Wheeler.

There is a 27-year age gap between his eldest Lara and the latest addition.

Lara graduated with a degree in Latin and Comparative Lara Lettice, 28, is the eldest of Boris Johnson’s brood and was conceived ahead of her parents’ wedding.

The MP married barrister Marina in 1993 when she was pregnant with their daughter.

Milo is a keen cyclist like his father Boris. Milo Arthur, 26, is the second eldest of the Johnson clan and is the oldest of his boys.

Milo was also a keen cricket player and came runner up in the Funaki prize, a long-running award for artistic endeavour.

Cassia Peaches, 24, is the third of Johnson’s children with Marina. Like her father she is a writer and during her time at the private school she was a student editor of their alumni magazine Cholmeleian.

Boris’ family life has caused him some controversy over the years. His four children have a younger half-sister, Stephanie, who was born in 2009 – out of an affair with art advisory Helen Macintyre.

Net worth :Theodore Apollo Johnson

His net worth is not specified as he hasn’t chosen any profession so far, though it is being assumed that he will a politician like his father and right now concentrating on his studies. He is a blessed student and good in studies that is reason why he is in Cambridge University. The net worth of Theodore Apollo Johnson has not been calculated.Currently, focusing on his study, he has yet to pursue his career.

However, it is clear that he belongs to a very rich family.

Social media :Theodore Apollo Johnson’s

He doesn’t seem to be active on any social media account as you can’t find him posting anything about his persona life. He choose to keep his personal life away from any lime light.

Quick Know About Theodore Apollo Johnson

Theodore Apollo Johnson Born1999 (age 23 years)
Theodore Apollo Johnson SiblingsMilo Arthur Johnson, Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Cassia Peaches Johnson
Theodore Apollo Johnson ParentsBoris Johnson, Marina Wheeler
Theodore Apollo Johnson GrandparentsDip Singh, Stanley Johnson, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Charles Wheeler
Theodore Apollo Johnson Great-grandparentsWilfred Johnson, James Fawcett, Irene Williams, Frances Beatrice Lowe

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