The advantages of pre-employment screening

For any business organization, pre-employment screening is a crucial task. In simple words, pre-employment screening refers to the complete verification of a potential candidate before hiring them as a full-time employee in your organization. Also known as a background check, this screening process involves a thorough inspection of the candidate’s identity, resume credentials, past criminal records, etc. This is an important practice that can save the employer or business firm from future uncalled situations such as fraud.

Pre-employment screening in Malaysia has gained popularity as many large and medium-scale business organizations have made this a mandatory part of the hiring process. This helps in eliminating the unsuitable candidates prior to appearing for the actual interview process. It is a common situation where the administration is questioned if its employees are found to be involved in unethical or illegal practices. To avoid these kinds of embarrassing situations that tarnish the company and brand image, companies prefer to have a complete background check before hiring them as employees.

Recruitment is a responsible task as it allows complete strangers to be a part of your organization and have access to authorized data and information. While there are many advantages of pre-employment screening in Malaysia, the following discussed are some of them.

Filter genuine candidates

One of the primary purposes of pre-employment screening is to filter the genuine candidates that are suitable for the job role and responsibilities. The hiring manager or the HR of a company has many other important tasks other than filtering the relevant profiles out from so many job applications. Therefore, this job is assigned to a third-party screening service that does the filtration and saves you time and effort. The hiring manager can spend time interviewing potential candidates for quality hiring of candidates.

Save organizational resources

Repetitive hiring and low productivity can hamper the company’s growth to a great extent. The undeserving candidates tend to leave the job frequently which affects the overall performance and functioning of the firm. Scrutinizing the candidate’s past career graph can help in understanding the mindset and working pattern of the individual. Hence, you can judge better and make the right hiring decisions. Pre-employment screening involves this scrutiny to ease the hiring process.

Authenticate personal and professional details

Many a time, candidates tend to provide false educational and professional details on their resumes in order to get shortlisted. They actually do not possess those qualifications or skills but try an attempt to somehow reach the interview round. Although they get rejected, eventually it’s pointless to waste time by letting them take a spot in the shortlisted candidates. This affects the hiring process. Therefore, the pre-employment screening service does a complete authentication of the details that the candidate has provided before passing it onto the hiring manager’s desk. This saves a lot of time and energy for the hiring person who does not have to go into these authentication details.

Ensure no criminal records

The increasing rate of crimes has alerted all companies to opt for pre-employment screening in Malaysia. Since an employee has access to private and authorized data and information, it is important to ensure their loyalty to the company. Also, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment. Therefore, as a company, you must make certain that all your employees are civil beings in a society that have no criminal records in the past. This is a hectic process that requires a dedicated team who has the specific area knowledge. You can employ professionalpre-employment services that will ensure that all the candidates you hire have no criminal records in the past whatsoever.

Due to the rising illegal and fraudulent activities, pre-employment screening is an essential practice every company must adhere to. This has long-term benefits for both the economic and efficient performance of the firm. These professional pre-employment services help in filtering the genuine candidates that are suitable for organizational growth.

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