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Side project – A way to happiness

Nowadays, people are kind of stuck with their jobs because of some responsibilities or so, but they still have passions and interests outside their regular jobs that they want to pursue, but not everybody is sure how to get started. You must have seen many people who have managed to go with their outside interests and turn them into successful passion projects. If you are also thinking about taking your passion to the next level and changing it into your full-time profession, In this article, we will attempt to explain what side projects are, how to pursue them, and how to turn them into a new career option for you.

What are side projects?

This is something which you do along with your regular job, which has the potential to be a full-time or part-time job. It might be a project or a job that can help you earn an additional source of income, but it’s not just a side job with another employer. When we are talking about side projects, we are considering the passion projects that you love to do for creativity and innovation. Side projects require your soul, focus, and lots of patience. If given a vision and a focused approach in the right direction, they often prove to be greatly rewarding.

Why do people devote time and effort to these projects?

Well, it differs from person to person. Sometimes it’s the monetary benefit which motivates people to manage such projects, and sometimes the love for the project or the passion within is the key to the devotion. People are so aware and want to explore as many corners of life as they can, so they do manage time for their side interests, so they devote time and energy to them after their main job. I have seen many who have started such projects as hobbies that they enjoy, and then turned them into a full-time career.

How to succeed with your project

It totally depends upon the definition of success you carry within you. Some define success as the amount of exposure they have with their work; others define success as the amount of revenue they can generate; and still others define success as the peace of mind they get and how much they enjoy it.Well, in any case, there are a few things you need to take care of:

Make time for it.

Only passion will work if you are not devoting the required amount of time to the project. If you want to succeed in the direction you have visualised your side project to be, then manage your time accordingly.

Don’t overload yourself.

When we say to take out time for your side work, we mean managing your time to take care of your personal being too. It does take hard work and dedication to manage your day job and your side project side by side, but still make sure that you are not exhausted doing so because it will definitely affect your peace of mind.

Share your passion with others.

It is indeed important to share your passion with others, so try to reach out to people about your project as often as you can. Try to reach out to people who share the same interests, both online and in real life. When you connect with people of the same interest, it boosts your urge to reach higher with your passion.

Continue to hone your skills.

I agree that your passion is what you are following with the side project, but you still need to explore and learn more and more about the same. Learning is a never-ending process, and the sky is the limit to what you can do with any passion you carry within.

The side projects people go with these days are

online marketplace

This is a perfect way to go as a side project, as you don’t require a place physically for that and your skills will help you sail in the market. There are many online market places which started with a very small interface and now have become big names in the market.


If you have a passion for teaching, then it can be a great side project. If you focus on the skills and the right tactics, then it can fetch you success emotionally and financially. We have seen people start coaching with only 5 kids and reach a 1000 student enrollment in just a few years. So, if you are feeling that thing in you, then go for it.

Pet sitting

If you are a pet lover, then your love for animals can also turn into a side project. Like you, everybody loves their pet, but not everybody is able to give them attention and care every day, so they look for people having the same interest and who can take care of their pets as they do.

We all have some or other hobby which we want to carry on with, but very few are lucky enough to be able to move ahead with it. But still, the only thing that matters is that if you’re passionate and knowledgeable about the passion you want to follow, you can definitely turn that into a successful side project.

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