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BusinessInstant glam look with Red Sequin Dress

Instant glam look with Red Sequin Dress

When we talk about a Sequin dresses it clicks in our minds about party, clubs, dance and cocktail gatherings. But sequin can stand out during the daytime. The only thing is to keep in mind that you style it right, a sequin dress adds glam to your personality effortlessly.

Never out of fashion

Sequin will always be there in fashion. In fact now new creativity can be seen in the fashion world with sequin as celebrities are very fond of sequin work whenever they are hitting the red carpet. Everybody wants to standout in the crowd and sequin dress creates a win win situation.

Love of celebrities

Red colour is one of the favourite colour of celebrity and they often choose to appear in red dress. In most of the award shows, celebrities choose to add sparkle, shimmer and shine to their dresses to look little out of the box . Whenever there are celebrities you will see many sequins dazzling around. It doesn’t mean that you need award show like A-list events to wear a sequin dress, sequins are perfect for all occasions if carried nicely, they actually look just as good for daytime too.

Different options in a sequin dress

Red sequin midi skirt: It always gives a perfect look with comfort. It will glam you up with style ad comfort both. A midi skirt can be paired up with white T-shirt or matching shirt.

Red dress with sequinned straps: A little hint of sequin and red colour will create a minimal look, having enough style to turn the heads wherever you go.

Red sequin slip dress: It is very much in fashion these days because of its look and comfort. It is one of those dresses which everyone should have. It goes well for every dressy occasion. It fits well and can have possibilities of pockets so you can avoid handbag.

Red sequin gown : This is the all time favourite dress to flaunt on any special occasion. This is a dress which uplift the personality no matter what body type or size you own.

Sequin accessories: You will find many sequin accessories which may not be the most practical, but it became a trend, like handbags, file folders hair accessories etc.

Do’s before choosing a red sequin dress

You should mix and match as it will give it a more classy look rather than a party look. It is not mandatory that your sequin party dress needs to be all sequins from neckline to hem! Try semi-formal dresses with sequined bodices and skirts or two-piece party dresses with satin halter tops and sequined pencil skirts.

You can try different shades and tones of colours for your sequin dress. Dresses with sequins don’t have to stick to classic metallic tones like gold and silver! Sequins come in every shade, so find a shade that complements your body. From bold red to soft red sequins, find a colour that’s just right for you.

That’s true that sequin dress can be a hit even in day time but go for dresses with subtle sequin embellishments for day time. Lace dresses with a scattering of sequins or dresses with a sequined collar or waistband have just a dash of sparkle to brighten your day. For a night parties, don’t worry to wear sequin from neckline to hem, its time to sparkle.

As sequin dresses are already very much detailed so avoiding flashy features can overwhelm your look. Simple designs look best for sequin dresses.

All eyes will be on you when the shimmering sequins captivate, so to enjoy your time in your dress make sure your sequin dress fits you comfortably! Finding a size and design that complements your body type is key for showcasing your style in a sequin dress.

Don’ts while choosing red sequin dress

Your sequin dress is already a fashion statement! Adding sequined accessories will prove to be an overkill. Your dress is to please the eyes, not blind them!

Since the sparkle already catches the eye, choose one main colour for your sequin dress and not more than 2 complementary shades for your accessories. Too many colours will ruin your look.
A sequin dress is enough on its own, so remember less is more. Skip the jewellery entirely, or choose simple designs that won’t compete with your stunning sequin dress.

Don’t overdo with your dress, right amount of sequin goodness need to be there. Try to have a dress very much suitable to the event you are going to.

Light sequin accents can add a dash of sparkle without weighing down your figure. A dress with sequins on half of the design can direct the eyes for a balanced silhouette. Pear-shaped figures with fuller hips might opt for a dress with a sequined bodice and chiffon skirt. A curvy girl who desires a flattering look might choose a dress with a sequined skirt and simple princess-cut bodice.

How to Pull off sequin dress in daytime?

Avoid formal or blingy accessories and forget sequin or glitter heels, and go for plain flats or sneakers instead. Say no to shiny clutches. Also avoid glitter or smokey eye makeup and red or dark lips which are meant for night parties and not suitable for days.

Adding a pair of white sneakers to your sequin dress is the easiest way to make any sequin dress work in daytime is too. To make it more casual, go for light lipstick, short nails sans glitter or art. Add just a small pendant necklace and a plain mini bag. This look would be great for a day party.

Dark coloured sequin dresses are not meant for daytime. But they can work for day to night parties if you style them with very subtle accessories to make them seem less formal and by avoiding flashy makeup or glitter eyeshadow completely. Instead, go for a nude matte lipstick and neutral eyeshadow, very thin eyeliner and nude nail polish.

You can rock a sequinned dress, no matter what time of the day it is. If you are the host and you’re throwing a fabulous party, you got to be dressed for the occasion! So choose a bright pastel-coloured dress that makes it seem like it’s chosen just for the day party. Pale turquoise, powder blue, lavender or olive are great ideas.

Go for matching nails and eyeshadow to up the glam factor. But keep the accessories on the lighter side to balance it all out.


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