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ProbablyMonsters – New age game developers

ProbablyMonsters was established in 2016, and is a developer-led independent game company that creates long-lasting studios and exceptional games through a people-first culture.

Their inclusive approach has attracted over 300 seasoned Monsters across our three studios: Firewalk is creating a multiplayer game that will be exclusively published and available for PlayStation fans. CauldronTM is developing a groundbreaking single-player adventure game that will evolve with and around the player.

The RPG team is developing an open world, ongoing co-op RPG experience that will bring players together through shared experiences. They are unique as they ensure an environment of respect, trust, accountability, and approachability. They have a world-class campus that accommodates three studios and is quoted as a global organisation that supports all its teams.

ProbablyMonsters is a great platform providing a video game studio intended to unite, guide, and empower talented game developers and gamers. The company is so. they create, so their studios are identity-customized around the type of game experience they create. These studios are for the three games being developed by ProbablyMonsters. The company works to be a culture-first, triple-A game development studio.

The company was started in 2016 by CEO Harold Ryan, who was the previous head of game studio Bungie.

Development Studios

ProbablyMonsters has been using their funding wisely by splitting the teams of developers into three different studio divisions. These include Firewalk, Cauldron, and an unnamed third team. They have also developed these studios through the funding also being used to increase the headcount of the different studios to accelerate their development growth.


One of the development studios that have been developed under ProbablyMonsters, Firewalk, is developing a game project. This development team has an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to develop a multiplayer AAA game. The head of this development team is Tony Hsu, who previously worked at Activision.


The Cauldron team is developing a single-player adventure game intended to evolve with and around the player. This development team is headed up by industry veterans from Destiny and God of War. The head of this development studio is Dave Matthews, formerly a lead character artist at Sony Computer Entertainment and director at Bungie and WB Games.

Unnamed team

The third development team was unveiled in October 2020, which was launched to work on what the development studio calls a new kind of open-world cooperative RPG game. John Dunbar and Marsh Lefler are leading the development team, who both co-founded Runic Games; Allen Fong, another Runic Games designer; and Patrick Blank, an original lead level designer on the Borderlands game.

ProbablyMonsters is working on multiple triple-A games, and with their continuous efforts, the studio has raised $200 million to finance those games and build a stable studio for the long term.

CEO Harold Ryan said that he wants to provide long-lasting stability for people who want to make their careers in gaming without having to deal with regular layoffs or life disruptions. The money will give the Bellevue, Washington-based company the resources to make good on that promise.

That’s heady stuff for Ryan, who previously worked on the Halo and Destiny games. In the past, many game studios have come and gone as they build up staff to ship a game, only to lay them off after the work is done. Ryan wants to create a more stable company to nurture creative talent and keep veterans in the game industry.

The company is proud and humbled by this fund raise, and it has made them more focused on the vision and success we’re poised to accomplish here as a new kind of game company. The key thing is that it secures their future and allows them to invest in their people to an even greater degree. These funds will help the company to have resources to do even more to provide their teams at ProbablyMonsters with stable, sustainable, and long-term game development careers. That’s all about ProbablyMonsters. The company is not focused on only making money but also on their people having meaningful and long-lasting careers here, where they can bring their authentic selves and thrive, while making great games. “

The company has a great sense of their work and the funds raised will enhance their game making side. This fund raise fuels the growth of their ProbablyMonsters platform for building and guiding our triple-A game studios and game Ips. ” They are expanding their platform to include live operations and community features for engaging with players, creating new possibilities for their family of studios. Their plan is to expand their platform to build studios that are sustainable, explore new types of player experiences, and create new triple-A IPs to delight generations of global gamers.

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