How Does A Good Order Fulfillment Company Prevent Amazon Account Suspension

If you’re a third-party vendor on Amazon, maintaining your account health is far more complicated than just getting fulfillment through best fba prep service provider. This complication does come with a degree of freedom though—for one, you don’t need to comply with many of Amazon’s FBA requirements and you have greater control over your inventory and supplies. There is that one tiny problem from an unreliable order fulfillment company can get your Amazon accounts suspended.

Maintaining your account health metrics is crucial if you hope to continue selling on Amazon and these are tied directly to your order fulfillment capabilities. If you’re selling through an order fulfillment company, then its equally as crucial that you hire a reliable service provider who can help you maintain your Amazon account health metrics.

What Are Amazon’s Account Health Metrics?

Amazon reviews sellers on the platform to see if they can perform at the standards that its customers expect. The deal is simple, you get exclusive access to Amazon’s client base; in return you must comply with all the rules and regulations Amazon imposes. This means meeting their product quality and service delivery standards, in addition to their pricing policies and restricted product lists too.

While it’s important that you bear in mind their product quality and legal regulations, the core metrics that you should follow are:

  1. Order defect rates of less than 1%
  2. Pre-fulfillment cancellation rates of less than 2.5%
  3. Late dispatch rates of less than 4%

These are percentages of your total orders, i.e., if 1 out of every 100 products are defective; Amazon will serve you with a suspension letter. Two out of these three problems can easily be resolved if you work with a specialist Amazon order fulfillment service like Titan Fulfillment.

How Does An Order Fulfillment Company Help?

The average Amazon seller makes about $25,000 a month—that’s $300,000 a year in revenues. To get to that point, you need to consistently perform at the highest levels to keep your customers happy and your products rolling out on a regular basis. In addition to successful deliveries, you need to develop a good rapport and strong reviews from happy clients.

If you’re starting out, then it’s incredibly difficult to manage your supply chains and product qualities with the resources on hand. Hiring a specialist order fulfillment service can reduce many of these problems, especially if your chosen service has experience working with other Amazon vendors in past; someone like the Titan Fulfillment team.

The reason we’re chosen by many Amazon vendors as their order fulfillment team is our hands-on approach to inventory management, quality assurance and out state-of-the-art warehouse management system. With our experience, we make sure that your deliveries are always on time and your returns are managed swiftly.

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In any case, the ways in which we can help you become a successful Amazon seller are:

Swift Delivery Deadlines

Late shipment is the most frequently cited reason for Amazon seller account suspensions. Typically, new vendors can’t match the rates at which they get orders and can’t ship them out on time. These delays ultimately slow down order fulfillment rates and the customer ends up disgruntled because they’d been expecting their orders to arrive ages ago.

Working with an order fulfillment company like Titan Fulfillment with a custom-made warehouse management system ensures that you never run out of inventory. Our WMS tells you in advance when you need to replenish your stock to keep up with your orders without any fulfillment delays. The inventory updates in real time and can be connected with your POS so that tracking where everything is becomes a simple and hassle-free process.

Additionally, we deliver across the United States within 4 days of placing the order to make sure that the customer finds no reason to complain about the delivery itself. Our teams scramble to fulfill your orders in the smallest time to ensure customer satisfaction and your accounts’ health.

We Conduct Quality Assurance on Your Behalf

Whenever we store your inventory, we inspect each unit thoroughly to make sure that none of your products are damaged in transit. Anything of yours that makes its way to our fulfillmentcenters is maintained through industry-prescribed processes to ensure that your customers receive the highest quality products.

In the event that we find a damaged inventory unit, we inform you immediately to nip the problem in the bud and eliminate the risk of delivering faulty or defective products. This way, we minimize the risk of the customer complaining of any defects or damages.

Our Order Fulfillment Services Include Pick and Pack Fulfillment

If you’re using a drop shipping model on your Amazon store, we also offer cost-effective pick and pack fulfillment services as well. We pick your product from the designated location, assemble the product if that’s needed, and send it out for shipping immediately. This way, you don’t have to invest in unnecessary warehousing or worry about assembly delays.

A Complete Order Fulfillment Solution For Amazon Vendors

If you’re starting out on Amazon or if you’re looking for an alternative order fulfillment company for your Amazon setup, you should consider getting in touch with us today. Working with an experienced logistics partner increases your service provision capabilities without worrying about any kinds of customer related concerns.

An 3PL logistics partner like us can improve your service delivery channels and minimize order cancellation rates, in addition to the risk of negative Amazon reviews. As your supply chain, Titan Fulfillment ensures strict compliance with Amazon’s policies to help you keep growing and thriving in an incredibly competitive marketplace.Get in touch with us today for more information on our order fulfillment services.

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