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Obama memes : never taken otherwise

Barack Obama is no stranger to the world. He is a popular political figure not only in the United States of America but all around the globe. There are many politicians people make memes about. He is the former American President and is blessed to have a huge fan following due to his pleasing personality and all the good work he has done to make his country progressive among all the nations. He attracts meme makers towards him as he has a witty yet non-offending smile. This smile of his draws the meme creators towards him.

Why is Obama a great meme subject?

The Internet simply loves Obama, or we can say that the people who make memes and the population that loves memes love him a lot. Obama is the first president to hold office during the full flowering of meme culture, and the anonymous Web wags who make animated GIFs and image macros have been surprisingly kind to him.

The meme creators are not making memes to offend him or exploit him; they just use his unusual expression to create a humourous act out of it. Political memes are all-time favourites, and politicians like Obama, who give great expression, are actually being clicked to get resources for making memes.

The Obama meme started?

Though you will find countless memes around the internet about Obama, one of the most popular and widely known memes is the “Obama awards himself” meme, which went viral within a few weeks. In November of 2016, President Barack Obama awarded all the individuals with President Medals, which are given to people who have done notable work in their respective fields. Though nothing wrong happened and Obama hasn’t given any such expressions to invite the meme creators, there was one click in which Obama was awarding this medal to Bruce Springsteen, a popular music artist. The image of Obama giving the medal to Springsteen was photo shopped as Barack Obama awarding himself as the image of Springsteen was replaced with Obama’s smiling face.

A motivation to make more Obama memes

A news website edited the image of Springsteen and Barack Obama’s picture by keeping the image of a smiling Obama in the place of Springsteen’s face, as if the original Barack Obama was giving the award. This post was circulated as a forest fire. Everybody was using these photo shopped images and also inspiring them to come out with funny texts matching the picture. It actually became a trend on social media with captions saying “Obama awards himself” and various types of new text ideas were created through this single image. These memes are for creating humour around them and not to offend anyone at all. Obama is also very sporty in this context, as he never reacted negatively to the memes made out of his pictures.

How popular are the Obama memes?

Another thing is that the very first meme made about Obama was a great hit, which led to the birth of many other memes. His memes are so popular and catchy that they can fetch more than 40k likes within one month. One interesting thing is that you will find different memes with the same picture of Obama, which can explain the popularity of Obama and the craze about his memes too on social media. People adored Obama because he was a cheerful, people-friendly, and fun-loving President.He is loved through these memes as the funny context of the memes gets connected with many people.

How are Obama memes being perceived?

Well Obama memes are never made for the purpose of provoking any one or as part of any political conundrum because Barack Obama is a nice, humble person who had very few controversies and people too respected him for that. He being a human first and never ever taken his position otherwise, he being a part of the public and connected to the people through heart made him special. So the memes made are taken up for pure humour and not for defaming Barack Obama.

How impactful are Obama memes are?

Obama is one of the great political leaders having no such controversy connected to them professionally or personaly, so even though the face of Obama was used extensively, there was no sort of controversy created out of it. In fact Obama never get offended with memes but himself enjoyed these memes which gave more motivation to the creators to not misuse the freedom they got from the former President. Peole love Obama so much that it never happened that his memes are being misused these memes are taken only for fun, satirical, humour to engage people online.

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