How to Prepare CSAT Prelims 2022.

It is talk of the town that CSAT Paper is becoming tough to clear by each passing year. After analysing the last two- three years paper it can be said that it is giving nightmares to the people who are weak in CSAT or not from the Engineering and Science background.

So, the best way for preparing the CSAT is analyse the previous year question papers first then decide what strategy should be followed for Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

With my experience and being a student from the non-science background I am sharing the strategy which will benefit the students, who are weak in a particular area of CSAT paper.

Understanding the Pattern of CSAT:

Although CSAT being only a qualifying paper, it is going to be relevant to your preparation in coming years also. CSAT paper of 2021 was such difficult that aspirants scoring higher than expected cut-off in paper I but in paper II they failed to fetch even 66 marks which is qualifying marks for paper II. This trend is being expected to go higher and higher and we expect the difficulty level to go up in 2022 also.

Analyse the Previous Year Question Paper:

Attempt mock test paper to analyse their level of preparation. If you are scoring less than 100 marks you need to improve their performance. If your score is somewhere around 100-130 in attempted paper, then you are weak in some particular areas for e.g., comprehension, reasoning or basic numeracy OR your speed may be less than required.

What is needed toace CSAT Paper?

The questions can be solved easily with common sense, basic logic and language skills. But what people generally lack is –
• Practice
• Accuracy
• Speed

Note: Practice is the key here – which brings both speed and accuracy.

Section-wise Basic strategy:


Best way for speeding up your comprehension skill is reading the editorials, articles, columns etc. with more attention. Do not be in a hurry to finish them – take time to understand the comprehension summary.

Work upon your vocab by reading newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express.

Logical reasoning and analytical ability:

First thing finds out that which part of reasoning is asked in CSAT paper then you need to do practice and practice for preparing this part.The more patterns and types you will practice, the easier it will get in the exam hall.

Basic Numeracy:

This section does not carry a lot of weightages (7-10% questions). For this section, aspirants can take any standard book and then they can practice from this book.

Every year chunks of Aspirants end up worrying after the exam only due to CSAT paper, so don’t take the paper lightly. Day by day difficulty level of this paper is steadily increasing. You need to take this paper seriously. EDEN IAS is providing comprehensive CSAT crash course module to aspirants preparing for the civil services examination 2022. By only giving 30 hours you will be able to get through with the syllabus. So, don’t worry just plan judicially!!!

What is the best institute, mentor, or course for practicing answer writing for the UPSC Mains, essays, etc. in Delhi?

There are few top coaching institutes that offer the finest tools to help you learn the best material to help you improve your skills on Essay and ethics. You may choose to either complete an additional course or simply take on the Essay and Ethics in a combined model, which is offered by the EDEN IAS INSTITUTE.

Hi, if you have asked for daily evaluation, I am suggesting EDEN IAS they are one of the most affordable, yet they provide quality evaluation, they have in fact created a standard in evaluation, and other platforms are following them now.

Just have a look at their UPSC 2020 results, it speaks for itself for 3 years ias coaching .

Some of their toppers, who were their students as well as they evaluated copies once they qualified for interview helped students like me, i would specially be thanking Vaishali Jain Rank 21, Pulkit Singh Sir Rank 26, Jayant Singh Rathore Rank 59, all UPSC 2020 toppers!

Such people really illustrate the calibre of EDEN IAS team and really give confidence to students like me that my answers are being evaluated by really qualified people.

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