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Elisa Johnson is a beautiful girl born to Magic Johnson, who is a basketball legend. She is famous American model, actress, reality television star and businessperson. (goalkeeper).

Elisa Johnson: Childhood

Elisa was born on December 21, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She has American citizenship and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is quite religious and a great follower of Lord Jesus. Her education was done in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of the New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and doing good with her career as she has recently launched a sunglasses line.

Elisa Johnson: How she looks?

Being a fashion graduate and a celebrity kid she keep herself fashion updated and a lady looking stunning always. She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weight around 56 kg. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and same coloured hair adding wow effect to her looks.

Though she is blessed with beautiful body but still she has gone through several cosmetic surgeries for taking her looks to next level. Elisa has love for tattoos too she is having tattoos on her arm and leg which of course an added feature to her personality. She takes care of her body well and has a schedule for gym too.

Elisa Johnson : The man in her life

Currently what the social media and the cute pictures tells us is that Elisa Johnson is dating David James, who is also an American . They got introduced to each other in a common friend’s party. They immediately clicked with each other . They are often seen together and clicked. They seem happy and very much in love. They haven’t planned to marry yet as they both want to excel in their career first.

Elisa Johnson: Multitalented Girl

Elisa Johnson has tried her hands in modelling, acting, reality television and business too. The amazing thing is that she is respected and doing well in every area she is putting her hand in. She has been praised for a leading role in a series named EJNYC, where she has shown the amaze of a lavish life. She is having a sunglasses brand named Elisa Johnson which she owns. She not just owns the sunglass brand but works as a leading designer too. Well, we agree that being from a rich family is also a great help but nothing works without talent and hardwork and Elisa work very hard to reach to the goals . In short we can say that she has a bright future ahead and she has all the talent to nail it.

Elisa Johnson: Social Media

She is quite active on social media. As her work is about show world and she is a wonderful model actress, she owns a huge base on social media She has more than 4040 k followers on Instagram. You can dig into her magical life using her Instagram profile @elisajohnson. She uses her social media platform to promote the brand. She is very active on Facebook too.
She quoted Instagram as an equal platform for all. Anybody can be famous now–you can blow up so quickly social media is being fine to her and she seems happy about that. She is flooded with great audience on social media and that’s empowering her in every possible way.

Elisa Johnson:Net Worth

She is born in a rich family, doing good with her career. So her net worth is estimated around 4 million USD. She is a celebrity who earns a lot and doing charity as much as they can. She can be seen doing charity along with her father too.

Elisa Johnson: Father Magic Johnson

Her father is Magic Johnson who is a top basketball players of all time. He is in the top 10 list in his game. He is also an NBA Hall Of Fame star. Magic was born on 14 August 1959 in Lansing, Michigan, United States. He is a five-time NBA champion ,he had played for Los Angeles Lakers, Magic M7 Borås and Magic Great Danes. In 1994, and also served as the coach of the LA (Los Angeles) Lakers. He is a three-time NBA Finals MVP. He is called as the wizard in basketball. He is one of the most famous sports stars of all time.

Elisa Johnson: Sunglass Brand

The brand serves a style for everybody. They are available in all sizes from the oval to cat-eye to square as people prefer different according to their face shape.

Her product look luxe, but was still affordable to all. She chose to launch sunglasses range as she started loving sunglasses at a very young age because in high school she had some insecurities with certain facial features. And she felt that whenever she put a sunglass on its gives a confidence of being a new girl and enhances my confidence. And I feel sunglasses just do that. They elevate your look, and they elevate your confidence. That’s the reason behind the beginning of the sunglass journey Her friend who owns the brand Roberi & Fraud is her mentor and taught her the basics of designing the sunglasses.
She is full of many other creative ideas and planning to work on accessories like bags.

Elisa Johnson: Style Advice

Never overthink and never compare yourself to others, the focus on what you’ve got, going on and what’s in front of you. Nowdays, Stardom has become democratic, You want to be seen and praised but be prepared for anything coming your way. You need to have a certain type of confidence level and be prepared for people to say certain things about you , things are difficult in the real world.

Elisa Johnson: Dreams ahead

She is so blessed with many talents and want to work on herself as much as she can. She is concerned that she is being considered as an influencer someone who young people can look up to. So, she try to post or do things which can give a positive impact on people. Her dad throws these fundraiser events at their house a lot.

She has a lot of dreams, because as blessed with a lot of talents. She loves singing and performing since she was six years old. When she wanted to pursue that, her mom was like, “I want you to get your degree and then we can figure out the next steps, if you’re still interested in being a performer.” So she went to FIT, because she felt like fashion came easy to her. But designing makes you more of a business person. That too she loves but want to do stuff which she always wanted to dig in.

Quick Know About Elisa Johnson

Height1.63 m
SiblingsAndre Johnson, EJ Johnson
ParentsMagic Johnson, Cookie Johnson

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