Edurne Garcia bio: Life, Age, weight, height, career, family, relation, net worth, and social media

Edurne Garcia is the most prominent Spanish singer, actress, model, and TV star born on Dec 22, 1985. She is hugely well-known for her presence in the Spanish casting show operation Triunfo on TVE. Edurne Garcia arrived in the spotlight because Garcia represented Spain at the Eurovision song competition in 2015. Presently Edurne Garcia holds Spanish nationality, and Edurne Garcia is a married female model. In detail, let us discuss Edurne Garcia’s life, Age, weight, height, career, family, relation, net worth, and social media.

Edurne Garcia: Age, height, and weight

Edurne Garcia is 35 years old now, and Edurne Garcia has a height of 5’7,” and weight is 58kg. Edurne Garcia’s body measurements are 32-26-34 inches, and she has blonde hair and brown eyes. Edurne Garcia’s dress size is 4 US, and shoe size is 8 US. Besides, the bra size of Edurne Garcia is 32B. Plus, Edurne Garcia has the most admirable personality and an impressive figure with gorgeous looks. Edurne Garcia always takes care of her fitness, and she has tattoos on her body.

Edurne Garcia: Early Age and career

Edurne Garcia has full name is Edurne Garcia Almagro annd she is bprn in spanish. Edurne Garcia’s father’s name is Tomas Gracia, and his mother’s name is Yolanda Almagro. Edurne Garcia did her schooling from Spanish high school, and Edurne Garcia initiated her profession at the earliest Age. When Edurne Garcia was nine years old, she joined a kid’s musical group, and Edurne Garcia has emerged as a child actor in various Spanish TV films and series. More so, Edurne Garcia has a talent for singing and acting. In 2005, Edurne Garcia competed in a contest singing “Operacion Triunfo.” Besides, Edurne Garcia performed admirably through her period.

Also, Edurne Garcia signed her 1st record deal with Sony BMG Spain, and finally, Edurne Garcia had a chance to release her album in 2006. The name of the album is Edurne, and her tracks did remarkably well for an aspirant artist. Few of the paths even arrived at the high level of music charts, and Edurne Garcia significantly mounted to fame as a singer. Besides, her songs like Te Falta Veneno, Amanecer, Despierta, and many others are top-rated, and she has become the most famous singer. Likewise, in 2020 June, her current album, Catarsis, was published. Edurne Garcia is an eminent model and actress as she has been in various films and series. Edurne Garcia has served as a judge on numerous shows like Got Talent Espaa, Objetivo Eurovision, Idol kids.

Edurne Garcia: Relation

Edurne Garcia started dating in 2010. Edurne Garcia’s boyfriend’s name is David De Gea, who is a professional Spanish football player. They have been together, and her husband is also a member of the top football team, Spanish national team, and Manchester united. He is also well known for football as the most excellent goalkeeper. After dating 11 years, the couple had blessed with a daughter whose name is Yanay in march. They are a happily wedded couple, and David is also working for Red devils.

Edurne Garcia: Net worth

Edurne Garcia’s primary source of wage is her career as an actress and singer. Edurne Garcia makes more money from sales of her CDs and her acting and singing roles. Also, Edurne Garcia makes money through interviews, guest appearances, and brand collaborations. Edurne Garcia’s net worth is about $18-20 million, and besides her husband, David has an estimated net worth of $75 million. He gains more money from football as a renowned player. More so, the couple owns Chevrolet Captive, Chevrolet Caravo, Mercedes MLE cars. So Edurne Garcia is living lavishly with her small family, and Edurne Garcia is a very hard work female.

Edurne Garcia: Social media

Edurne Garcia uses social media accounts such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Her youtube handle is @EDURNE, and her Instagram username is @edurnity. She has an official account where Edurne Garcia has 1.8 million followers, and she shares a load of pictures and videos with her family. She has more than 144000 subscribers on youtube, and Edurne Garcia launched her youtube channel almost eleven years ago. Besides, she has 1 million followers on Twitter, where she has username is @Edurnity.

Edurne Garcia: Husband

David De Gea is the husband of Gracia, and he is the most prominent footballer in Spanish who is connecting with Spanish the national team and manchester united. David De Gea hugely regards as the most excent goalkeeper throughout the globe. When he was a child, he played football, and he has also come out in 300 matches for his team. More so, he played a prominent role in his team, and he was born in Spain. His father was also a goalkeeper whose named Jose, and his mother worked as a housemaker. Besides, David De Geawsa is very interested in football and sports, he is fantastic in both, but he always prefers football in 1st compared to other sports. He always took part in school contests and achieved a significant position in all positions.

Talk about his career, he proved his goalkeeper abilities during his 1st season and won two rewards of the man of the match. David is also working for Red devils. Despite this, David De Gea is in a relationship with the most prominent actor and singer, Edurne, who is five years bigger than David De Gea. They started dating in 2010. They have been together now, and David is also a member of the top football team and is well known for football as the most excellent goalkeeper. After dating 11 years, the couple had blessed with a daughter whose name is Yanay in march. They are a happily wedded couple. David has an estimated net worth of $75 million.

David also has social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. He also has a load of followers, such as 11.8m followers on Instagram. Both are happily married couples who share their posts on Instagram and many other accounts with her daughter.