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BusinessDifferent Funny ways to answer your phone calls

Different Funny ways to answer your phone calls

It can be challenging to think of original, humorous ways to answer the phone. You want to seem creative and witty without coming across as corny or stupid. Existence can get monotonous for many of us while confined to the 2020 quarantine life. Yes, we have the internet, Tiktok, and numerous social media platforms, but none of them have the humor or the joy that these do. Perhaps this explains why prank movies and amusing phone etiquette are still popular.

Make voices like an animal!

Sincerely, let your animal instincts take the lead. Start yipping, woofing, or panting loudly into the phone. If it is one of your close friends, they will undoubtedly participate. They won’t put up with it for very long if it is someone you are trying to avoid. Promise!

Act enraged

Attempt to cut off someone in mid-sentence. Say something like “Now what!” in a combative tone. or “What in the world is this?” They will undoubtedly require a minute or two to process if the person on the other end of the line is a friend. Enjoy how they respond.


Someone phoning you that you don’t want to talk to? I want to be done with it! Is it likely your obstinate ex? The future? However, it might be amusing to squeak into the phone so loudly that you permanently damage their eardrums. It’s fun for you, not them.

You can act like an automated voice message.

If you are adept at mimicking, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents by pretending that the call was forwarded to your voicemail. Change your voice and name to make it more exciting and trick them into believing they called the wrong number.

Talk as Domino’s pizza delivery service.

Avoid letting the other person speak and start acting like a delivery guy as soon as you pick up the phone to make them laugh.

Start speaking in a foreign tongue.

Copy some phrases from the internet, fake an accent, and presto! Along the way, you can even make up terms. Just be as absurd as you can until you hear them either hang up the phone or start crying with laughter.

“Please hold,” says an automated voice.

Say, “Please hold,” in an automated voice when you pick up the phone. The number you have contacted will speak to you shortly” before you break into your worst singing voice. Sure to cause the person on the other end to laugh uncontrollably


Only provide this kind of response to people you know very well and who might find your sense of humor amusing; otherwise, things might get uncomfortable. Burp as loudly as you can as soon as they start. On the other hand, if your future father-in-law is on the line, refrain from burping in return. I have a good feeling he won’t find the humor in it.

He’s dead… now what???

Act as if you’ve just killed a man and that you know the person on the other end of the phone. If they don’t respond, scream into the phone, “For God’s sake, don’t leave me now! I completed it for your benefit and disconnect the phone before they can respond.


It’s always the basic things, to be honest. Start by laughing naturally—without saying a word. Then, change the notes, pitch, and range to make it wilder.There are numerous approaches you can take. You may even begin by giggling about malicious schemes like a cartoon villain. Nothing is better than the standard wicked laugh.

Final thoughts

Even though the wacky ways to answer the phone stated above are sure to make you chuckle, it is advisable to play along with moderation since if any of them go too far, it might get you into many problems. So be sure to exercise caution.


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