Daniela Basso bio: Age, height, weight, career, relation, Net worth, social media

Daniela Basso is the most prominent Mexican model and actress who was born in 1989 in Mexico. Basso is a well-known soap opera actress who became famous for her work on the series Como dice el Dicho and La rosa de Guadalupe. Besides, Daniela Basso gained more reputation for her portrayal of Yolanda in 2015 telenovela Simplemente maria and her zodiac sign is cancer. She is the partner of the most renowned footballer Raul. Let us discuss Daniela Basso’s life, Age, height, weight, career, relation, Net worth, social media.

Daniela Basso: Age, height, and weight

Daniela Basso was born in 1989 and celebrated her birthday on 23rd June every year. Now she is 32 years old. Daniela Basso’s height is 5’7,” and her weight is around 56kg. More so, her body measurements are 33-26-36 inches, and she has brown eyes. Besides, Daniela Basso has 7 US feet size and 4US dress size. She has a stunning figure, and one of a tattoo on her wrist, she always takes care of her diet. That is why Basso is fit and healthy.

Daniela Basso: Early life

Daniela Basso was born in Taipei, Mexico, and developed up with her sister named Jessica. Daniela Basso’s father is Jason basso, and her mother is Jena Basso. Jena Basso is a homemaker, and Jason is a businessman. She did her schooling at the school of Melchor Ocampo and was a very intelligent and indeed type of average learner. On the other hand, her enthusiastic interest in education in the English language was excellent. It assisted her more in the upcoming days, and Daniela Basso went to the University of Guadalajara for further study. In addition to this, Daniela Basso always loved to study and read, and books were like her best friends, and Daniela Basso often may be spotted with her Books in hand.

Daniela Basso: Professional career

Daniela Basso initiated her profession as an actress when she was only nineteen years old. At that moment, Daniela Basso was not receiving high professional hows, and it took almost five years to become a name and fame in Mexico. Now Daniela Basso has done a variety of modeling projects in Mexico. More so, Daniela Basso’s long-term connection with Jimenez has assisted her in receiving daily work. Football is considering the top-of-a-line sport in Mexico. So it says each things about a footballer’s reputation.

In addition, Daniela Basso created her debut in 2013 with a series known as wild at heart and gained a massive position in her profession. Her love and excitement for acting may be seen clearly in her performances that show her followers or fans are crazy about the beauty of this Mexican. Apart from acting, she also loves dancing and love Ballet and Jazz dance styles. Besides, she is a famous actress whose breakthrough role was in Yolando in simple maria and also came out in asking God for forgiveness, not me. Daniela Basso is an enthusiastic traveler and travels throughout the globe and uploads a load of videos of her travel journey on the Youtube channel.

Daniela Basso: Relation

The lovely story of Daniela Basso and Raul started when a mutual friend introduced them both. In 2017 they both met with one another, and there was an immediate spark. After that, they began dating, and they loved each other. Daniela Basso was very supportive of Raul’s profession from initiating and always ensured Daniela Basso was there in his matches. after that, they spent together, and they lived with each other for a more extensive period. They both moved to some marvelous places together and never got tired of exciting destinations. They have a strong bond, and they are considering the best couple due to mutual understanding.

Daniela Basso is a blessing with a baby who is a lovely and cute girl. Daniela Basso’s girl’s name is Arya Jimenez, and the couple was living with each other in 2016.

Daniela Basso: Net worth

Daniela Basso’s net worth was $3 million previously, and she is one of the wealthiest soap opera actresses and comes in top listing. However, now Daniela Basso has approximately $7 million, and she is the richest and made more money from her profession. So Daniela Basso may indeed be observed as a massive inspiration to several girls. Her partner Raul has a net worth of around $16,4 million.

Daniela Basso: Social media

Daniela Basso is very famous on social media accounts. Daniela Basso is considering a member of the Instagram star. Additionally, Daniela Basso has 299k followers on Instagram and 70.2k followers on Twitter, and also she is very well known and famous on Facebook.

Daniela Basso mostly shares her personal life and professional work on social media accounts. Daniela Basso is an enthusiastic traveler and travels throughout the globe and uploads a load of videos of her travel journey on the Youtube channel. All the followers and fans love her work and beauty. Her Instagram account username is @danielabassom, and she always receives a load of likes, comments, and feedback on her every post.

She has gained huge followers and fans, and her fans and followers love her because Daniela Basso has a positive impact on them. She posts a load of pictures with her child and partner.

Daniela Basso: Husband

Daniela Basso’s husband’s name is Raul Jimenez is the best football player in Mexico. He is a well-experienced and professional football player who plays as a striker for Mexico national team and premier league club Wolverhampton. Also, he is the luckiest man with Daniela Basso’s girlfriend, a well-known actress.

He had faced many challenges with his career, but Daniela Basso always supported him in every situation. Also, Raul Jimenez made his name and fame at Wolver Hampton, and he joined wolves 1st in 2018 and created his debut in 2013.

They had a long-term connection and initiated dating in 2017 July. A load of individuals believed that Daniela Basso was the wife of Raul, and now they have a child.