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Programming is Jason Worley’s day job. As a result of the tragic loss of his children, this ordinary father became famous. Who exactly is this Jason Worley character? Brandi Worley’s kids were killed after she and their father got a divorce. Since her husband, Jason Worley, filed for divorce, Brandi Worley has killed their children. Charlee, age 3, and Tyler, age 7, were stabbed repeatedly in the back in 2016. Jason and Brandi are the parents.

When the 911 operator asked Worley what was wrong, she responded, “I just stabbed myself, and I killed my two children.” The dispatcher was skeptical and requested Brandi’s mom to double-check on the kids. Jason, who had been sound asleep in the basement, was awoken by the screams of the kids’ grandmother.

Brandi is currently serving the remainder of her life in an Indiana prison:

After their deaths, Tyler and Charlee were laid to rest at Darlington’s Greenlawn Cemetery. Jason messaged Philip on Reddit to say his children enjoyed reading his posts. ‘Two innocent children were slain, their futures snatched by the one that gave them life,’ Philip said in a video. So much affection has been taken from Jason’s life.

To help pay for funeral costs and Jason’s ongoing bills, Philip pushed for contributions to a GoFundMe page. In a few weeks, it topped $50,000, and donations are still coming in.Brandi was charged with two charges of murder and initially pled not guilty. When the prosecution accused her, she had fully recovered from the self-inflicted stab wounds. Ahead of her trial, Worley stated that she would use insanity as an excuse.

She seemed no more contrite than she did in her initial 911 call. She was very matter-of-fact as she explained her criminal deed. Brandi Worley received a 120-year jail term from Judge Harry Siamas in March of 2018. “There’s no explanation sometimes,” he stated. This world is a dark place. And it goes right through our heads and our hearts.”

At Brandi’s sentencing, she remained silent. Currently, she is a prisoner at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis. According to the press, she is clinically depressed and completely emotionless.Mark Inman, Brandi’s defense attorney, told The Journal Review that after an initial few emotional session, Brandi has become emotionally distant. He hypothesized that this was her way of coping with the tension. It’s the only way she can handle it right now,” Mark remarked.

Reddit thread by Jason Worley:

Many people are puzzled about what could have motivated a woman to kill her children after the horrific incident. However, months before the occurrence, there appeared to be underlying troubles in the family.

Jason Worley was caught consulting the World Wide Web for help in confronting his unfaithful wife, with whom she had allegedly been having an affair with their next-door neighbor. Jason said on Reddit’s relationships forum that he first observed his wife’s unusual behavior in May 2015. He described her as hiding her phone when questioned and smiling at inopportune moments while texting. This was the first time in years that he’d tried to check her phone and found that a password protected it. He challenged her on it, and she made an excuse to surprise him on Father’s Day.

Brandi claimed she murdered the youngsters to keep her husband from stealing them:

There is zero question that the deaths of Tyler and Charlee were planned. The County Prosecutor’s timeline shows that the day Jason filed for divorce, the family went to Charlee’s dance practice. After supper, the family returned to Walmart, reportedly so Brandi could buy pipe cleaners for Tyler’s school project. Brandi bought a Kabar fighting knife, which she promptly put in Tyler’s room. Before he put the kids to bed, she and Jason had fun with them. Brandi had waited until the wee hours of the morning to murder Jason; he had lured him into Charlee’s bedroom, straddled him, and stabbed him.

It was during the murder that Charlee awoke and demanded to know, “What are you doing?” After killing Tyler for good, she focused on her kid. Unlike her kids, she managed to survive after stabbing herself in the neck. Prosecutor Joe Buser of Montgomery County stated, “She was more adept at killing her young, sleeping children than dying herself.”

For what reason did Jason Worley seek a divorce?

Brandi Worley’s husband Jason filed for divorce on the military post the day before the event. He said his wife’s infidelity was the main reason for their separation. While divorce was an option early on, the couple finally decided to try to work things out for the sake of their kids. The couple’s attempts at reconciliation failed, however, because Jason accused his partner of cheating.

Their daughter Charlee’s dancing performance was scheduled on the day of the tragedy. The family seemed to be carrying on generally despite the recent divorce petition. They had a recital in the afternoon and then went home for supper. Problems began, however, when Brandi said she needed to travel to Walmart to buy supplies for her son’s science fair project. Unfortunately, Brandi gave in to her violent inclinations throughout this vacation. She purchased a battle knife and then used it to kill her two children, Tyler and Charlee, after luring them into a room. Charlee tried to wake up and escape, but Brandi continued her violent onslaught until both kids died.

Net Worth:

Her net worth is $80,000 and $85,000.

Friend and neighbor Brandi Worley:

Brandi and the neighbor disputed Jason’s accusations of infidelity when he confronted them with the texts and other proof. Brandi admits to making a mistake and being unfaithful once when given evidence. However, the news had already done serious harm to their partnership.
After their initial argument, they got along for a while, but eventually, Jason filed for divorce when things still hadn’t improved between them. When Brandi refused custody, he reportedly attempted suicide in high school and threatened to use it against him in court. The terrible catastrophe resulted from a chain of events with several interconnected causes.
It is believed that Brandi’s mental state, along with her dread of losing her children in the divorce procedures, drove her to commit the heinous murder.

Did Brandi Worley have a mental illness?

There were reportedly no warning signs of mental illness or aggressive tendencies. Brandi allegedly remained quietly in the living room after committing the crime, telling her husband repeatedly, “Now you can’t take my children away from me.”

Then she tried to kill herself with the same knife, but her wounds were not deadly. However, she was able to survive the self-inflicted injuries she sustained. She emphasized, “I did not want him to steal my children.” All I wanted to do was pass away alongside them.According to the prosecutor who spoke with Brandi, she initially showed some emotion but closed up completely.

What Happened to Brandi Worley:

Brandi remained mute in court when questioned about why she committed the crime she was on trial for. Initially, she maintained her alibi and refused to speak to anyone, but later she changed her story and admitted responsibility. She eventually admitted guilt and was given a 65-year sentence for killing Charlee and a 55-year sentence for killing Tyler.

In March 2018, Brandi was transferred to the Rockville Facility of the Indiana Department of Correction in Parke County. Since she had already spent some time in prison, she was transported to the Indiana Jail for Women to finish the remainder of her life sentence. The terrible event highlights the need to seek treatment when required and the disastrous effects of neglecting one’s mental health.

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